December 27, 2013

4 years.... #MB2013

So, I did manage to find a gift for B which he seems to be hooked onto!

I feel very smug and happy when I do that. Its not too often that I can predict what is it that he would truly appreciate, but at times, I put some serious thoughts, or you might just call me lucky, and I do come up with something.

And this time he said, "You really know the kind of stuff I like!"

Now wouldn't that make you really thrilled? Yes, it did it for me.

 I got him Dad's the Word, a not so recent book by Soumya Bhattacharya. I came across this book while reading an ol' review on DNA. And then I started to look around to find where is it that I would find this book, because it was not something I had seen around for sure. I found that Westland books does sell through Ebay and I could order from the publishers. This was the closest I could imagine to getting a confirmed delivery. I did not want to order with the usual online stores as they would send it to me in a week's time, and I sure did not have a week. In fact I had just 4 days to get the book to me.

B loved the book after reading the Preface and has been with the book since yesterday night. This is the person who has not completed And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini in almost 3 months. He is not a very ardent reader, but some books do the trick. He has picked this up like it has done the trick, but it is yet to be seen what would be the final verdict.

When I picked up the book, my thought was that this is the true meaning of our wedding. The fact that we are parents and there is this small person who is just looking at us to play, sing and dance with. And that is when I thought that I should not go for any wedding anniversary celebration without her. It would just be incomplete. She is such an important part of the marriage, and I feel things would have been nothing like what it is if not for her. These thoughts left me with a feeling that this is the book which works the best for him, and this is not about the diaper changes, or sleepless nights. It is about a father and daughter, bonding over mutual interests. I felt it was a perfect gift.

I shall do a review of this book, once I do read it... this will come up in sometime.


  1. That's a very thoughtful gift!

  2. Sounds very interesting indeed !!

    So true.. the lil one gives so much meaning to your marriage and gives it a whole new dimesnsion!
    Happy anniversary Aathira :)

  3. Sounds like a great book, what a lovely idea for a gift!

  4. Interesting Book...


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