November 27, 2012

[CONTEST] An hour of bliss

An hour of bliss, that was what the Four Fountain Spa offered me a few days back. It was lovely to get a chance to go and experience their treatment. I had seen a few times that their new spa had opened up recently and when I got a chance to go and check out their services, I jumped at it. I visited the Koramangala branch and here I host a contest for you to win some vouchers with them. The contest is open till December 15 and the winner will be notified on the blog itself following the 15th.

My Experience:
As I stepped into the spa, I liked their spiked door handles, gives one a soft massage in your palm and the reception area was simple yet elegant. I liked how they understood my daily routine and then went about suggesting what kind of a treatment would benefit my body. Once the treatment was decided upon ( an aromatherapy de-stressing massage), there was a questionnaire to understand any ailments and any detail which I would like to communicate to the masseuse prior to the start of the treatment.

The rooms were very clean, sparingly decorated, but it did not seem empty. the colors used were mute shades like cream and pale yellow and all the furniture were in shades of dark wood. Something which I liked particularly was the disposable clothes that they provided, something which I have not come across prior to this. Overall the massage was good, the masseuse checked at various intervals whether the pressure was right or if I would prefer anything to be done differently. Each room has a bath area sufficiently equipped. When you look at all the above and the price at which it comes for, I believe this would be one of my top suggestions for a spa in my experience.

All you need to do is answer the question below by leaving your answer as a comment below. The top 3 winners will get vouchers which can be redeemed across any of their spa locations, pan India.

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