November 21, 2011

Crochet Baby Sweater

This finished quite quickly. I had posted a picture of the previous stage, and from there till now, I think it was a quick haul. 

This is a crochet baby sweater, done in a single piece, and in homespun yarn. I truly am in love with this cozy snuggly yarn. Its perfect from children's wear, me think. It is chunky so it moves quite quick too. As I said earlier too.. the sweater can ideally be completed in just about 3-4 hours.. but then with the speed and intermittent process which I was following, it quite quite a while. 
I think the two colours come off pretty well. And the pink being regular worsted DK, the chunky yarn is given some firmness through this edging. 

November 20, 2011

Why females?

Shail of Shail's nest shared a link on Facebook, a blogpost at Gender Bytes, and on reading it, it did set me thinking. If education and economics are not the reason for this incessant purging of females, then what is? Is it a feeling of responsibility, or is it the expense factor which eats them up?

Does a parents not feel any responsibility towards a son? They do not care what happens to him? Why is it so different for a girl? I feel the entire family respect which lies on the feet of a girl is where no family is ready to take on the responsibility and stand up for the girl to do as they please. I think the same stigma is attached to even homosexuals. A son, who is a homosexual is also seen in the same light, as per me, tarnishing their ever great family respect. But, the forever yearning for a son will never change, however wonderful and successful a daughter they have.

Then comes the expense of a girl, predominantly speaking, its not her education which matters to them, rather it is the dowry and wedding expenditure which swoons in front of their eyes. But, why do they forget that they themselves are the reason for this stupendous expense. There are communities int he world where a marriage/ wedding is taken up as the responsibility of the couple at hand, not the parents. The expenses are shared between the to-be-couple, and both parents contribute a small amount what they see fit for the occasion. I think this in a way helps to eliminate the prejudice against a girl child. But, this kind of responsibility can be handed over to the bride and groom, only if the parents see their children as adults who can take decisions and organize to their liking.

So where does the problem truly lie?

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November 10, 2011

Working with my hands

Oh am I not glad to be working on some crochet after ages. I have been looking for yarn and finally got it through a friend who went for work to US. I do really believe that India does not have great yarn with different textures and wonderful colours. They are just boring and all the yarn is the simple DK, worsted kinds. 

I have been wanting to make a sweater for Tee, and finally found a great pattern for her sweater at Crochet me. In case you have not been able to open the link, then the name of the pattern is " Baby its cold outside' .. isn't that like a super cute name for the sweater itself :) 

I have some mow yarn which I asked my friend to get… in fact I think I did ask her to get a lot of yarn… its so horrible that you not get yarn here ( I repeat myself ) .Anyhow, I have another pattern also which I will be making for Tee, maybe after this immediately or maybe after some time… before I attend a wedding in cold chilly Chandigarh in January. 

Here is a picture of what I have done till now. Its not a lot, the pattern says I should take like 3-4 hours to make it. which I agree with, just that I do not have 3-4 uninterrupted hours! 

Does anyone else do Crochet? 

November 9, 2011

Soya chunks, Home style

Well, thats a name which I just concocted as I have been always on the look out for what to do with soya chunks and something which is truly presentable in front of guests and not just for a home quick meal ( which it was for me anyways!). So, today I decided to go about making something on my own, with no recipe, and here is what has come up! 


Soya chunks - 3 handfuls (dry)
Onions - 2 medium sized
Ginger paste - 1 tsp
Tomato - 1 medium sized chopped ( even two would do no harm! )
Chilli powder - 1heaped tsp
Tumeric Powder - 1/4 tsp
Paprika - 1/2 tsp
Pepper Powder - 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder -1/2 tsp
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
Coconut milk powder - 1 1/2 tbsp
Oil - 2 tbsp
Salt to taste


1. Boil some water, add salt to it as its boiling, and drop the dry soya chunks into the water. Turn off the gas and let it stay in the water for 15 - 20 mins. Drain the soya in a strainer and squeeze lightly to remove excess water. 

2. Grind the onions well, and add the ginger paste to the mixture and give a swirl. 

3. Heat the oil in a wok and when hot add the ground mixture to it. Fry the ground mixture well, and when done the paprika and all other masalas except the pepper powder and salt. 

4. When the mixture loses its water content, add the tomatoes to it and mix well to get a puree like consistency. 

5. Now add the salt and the pepper powder to the mixture and cook well. 

6. Take the soya chunks which would have swelled up and might look quite big, so in which case you can just cut them into 2 using a pair of scissors. On the contrary, if you think the size is fine by you, then they can go in as it is too. 

7. Mix well, and cook. The soya also tends to lose some water, hence do not add any water as yet. 

8. Take about 200 ml of warm water and add the coconut milk powder into it. Mix well taking care to break up any lumps, if any. Add the milk to the wok and let it boil.

9. Now, add about 200 ml of water and let it cook well. If you would like more gravy, then you may add double the quantity. Else, cook well covered and then turn off the gas.

10. Serve and Enjoy!

Movie Review - Company Men

Cast: Ben Affleck, Tommy lee Jones and so on as the poster on the left says.

Plot: Set during the massive downsizing and outplacement ongoing at a firm in US. How each employee is bothered by the management decision and how they cope with their job loss. The fear associated with job loss, and the loss of face. How they are forced to cut down on expenses, take up any job and so on. Family changes and how the economy gives them nothing to look forward to. What one feels on being let go, how you cope with it, how you try to hide it and what comes of it at end.  

A good week day evening watch. 

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