April 27, 2011

The wait...

So this is what it feels like waiting with bated breath! I do not think I was so impatient regarding anything in my life till date. I would not say its impatience, I think its also the boredom and the length of the same situation getting to me now. I am looking for a change, and a good change at that too. 

Everyone says that its a big change up ahead for me, and whatever I might read up or know from others, its something to be experienced and can be known to its full extent only through experience. I completely agree with this, but anyhow I am doing my prep as much as possible. 

Once I consider the changes up in front, the next main aspect I am very concerned about is getting back into shape. I am very panicky on this front, as being at home would mean that I would be made to eat a lot of things in the pretext of it reaching the baby. I do not want to unnecessarily eat and gain weight, but want to be conscious about my diet. I feel that if your skin and body is not put under a toning program immediately, things might not be that easy. I guess not too immediately, but then maybe in a  month or two.. thats all the time I am willing to give my body to rest and recuperate. Again, these are the plans… time will tell what shall happen to these above said plans. 

April 25, 2011

Day 63 - Nutmeg

One of my favourite phrases for addressing my brother is.... nutmeg :) 

April 24, 2011

Day 62 - Hibiscus

One of the most common flowers in Kerala, seen mostly as adornment in the puja room of all houses, and in temples too.

April 22, 2011

Moving along....

I have been sitting with a blank page in front of me for over an hour now. In between all that, I have been talking to people… browsing the web n such. But, what i have been trying to write down is what I feel now as I wait impatiently for the next phase. The docs have been saying anytime… and I also seem to sit and wait for that anytime to arrive. Aches and pains have become a part of routine, but nothing which I would really report to anyone as something to worry about. 

Last week, there was a bout of great backache and aches to the extend that I had difficulty bending to pick anything up. This was something I was wary of, but then it did disappear of tone down to more bearable stuff through the next few days. So now, again I am not sure what is bound to happen when. Those pains are engagement pains as per docs so nothing to worry about. But, I know that my tummy as settled down a great deal, and the baby is also quite a bit on its way down. So, that also makes me wonder how much more time before something is up….

Here is a recent pic … 

April 16, 2011

Are we self involved?

I was having a conversation with B about E-book readers and if they will make a strong advent into the Indian market. 

I have thought many times over about getting an E-book reader but there has never been a strong enough reason to go ahead and make the buy. I am not sure whether the Indian market will bring out that many varieties of e-books especially of Indian authors. I like to read some Indian authors as my usual light reads and those would be ones which I would like to read on the go on a E-book reader. The only place where you can download E-books that I know of is amazon.com, and I am not sure whether I would like to buy the Indian authors at international prices, when they are available in a book version much cheaper. 

The owners of most Kindles which I know are readers of international authors much more than Indian authors, and I guess that helps them make use of amazon very effectively. I am still not sure whether in due course, websites like www.flipkart.com and such would come out with e-books as a buying option?

What is your take on this?

Another interesting observation which came out of the conversation was that maybe we need to be more by ourselves, and we value our space so much more that we are looking for gadgets which will reduce our interactions with others to a great deal. Like when you have a E-book reader, then what are the chances we will go to a book shop to browse through titles. Well, even now I think I still do browse online more than in a book store. But, I will admit that the feeling is completely different. In fact B was of the opinion that blogging and facebook is also a reason why we as people are becoming more involved with ourselves and not social enough. I wonder whether we have the time to be involved and time to socialize so much. I guess its a matter of priority, we need to see that as a need, then it is bound to happen. 

Frankly speaking, I think I love blogging more as the people I have met on the blog have the time to share and interact, even though only through written words. But, is that really an issue, isn't it better than friends who we have lost touch with and have very limited FB interaction with? 

Day 56 - The Stork

April 12, 2011

Something new...

My doc visit yesterday had been most interesting. For the first time i've been asked to not to put on weight!! Till this 9th month, I've been asked to eat so that the baby gains weight, and 2 weeks with my mom and I have gained 4 kgs. The main reason as I see it is that I have increased my rice intake by almost 3 fold. I have dosa/ idli for bfast, rice for lunch and the dinner is usually trying to finish leftovers from breakfast. And added to this, I do not have the same activity level which I did. Everyone keeps fussing for no reason and then I am not allowed to do anything which I would otherwise normally do. 

When at Bangalore, it was rice maybe once in a few days, and now here its almost thrice! I guess nothing surprising that I have gained 4 kgs so quickly. Now the question is how do I keep a track on the wt, and not have a big baby. I am not sure how much having a small baby will help in a normal delivery, but why not try from my end. 

April 5, 2011

Day 50 - Trivandrum

This is the typical entrance to a Brahmin household inside the fort area in Trivandrum city