September 12, 2012

And we begin...

I can not believe myself that this process has already begun!

I used to believe that kids will play and be naughty for a long time before they trot off to school.

I thought parents creating a bee-line for school admission forms and checking out schools when the kid is just born was way too much, but here I see myself doing this before she is even 1.5 years. Maybe I am just getting too worried with all the school thoughts, but there are already some schools which might be difficult to get into because of age issues. I just did not imagine this happening!

Now, as I run helter skelter visiting schools and pre-schools, I have so many thoughts in my head.

Montessori or Kindergarten?
Small school or Big School?
Close by or a little far?

How do I actually make a choice about these things if I have no idea about all these things in the first place. I did not go to a montessori and I do not know if that is truly a good way to teach kids... I have heard such rave reviews of the method, but then I have just words to take for it. Would we have turned out better if we were in a montessori?  Added to that the fact that montessori schools do not admit children before 2.5years and there is no concept of a pre-school for them. I, for one, feel that if children interact with other kids and learn some things, it would be good. Maybe they will learn something, else they will just play, socialize and come back. As I see Tee, I see that she is bored with the no interaction with kids and being at home with a help means the 'stupid box' is turned on for a considerable period of time. B & I do not usually watch much T.V and hence Tee is also not too keen on it, but when the T.V is turned on with all the soaps playing, she is drawn to it and stands there watching whatever comes on it. This is something I want to avoid at all costs.

At times I also feel that maybe I am just looking at options to keep her occupied, and not really go about putting her in a school... a part of me says she is just 16mo where does she need to go to any school now!

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