May 31, 2013

Blog - A - prompt, Day 5: Spicy

Spicy has to be food :) What would be the most spicy dish I would have tried? I have not been to the North east of India, so I have not had the pleasure of trying out the true delicacies in terms of spices. But, nevertheless, the one thing which I love, and it surely is spicy is this particular chilli which my grandmom uses to make the coconut chutney at Trivandrum. She used to have the plant at her place, and when there is a chilli on the plant, then it surely goes into the breakfast chutney.

This chilli is called Kandarimulagu or just Kandari. Here is the wiki link of this particular chilli, it seems its called bird'd eye chilli. This is really small, looks pretty harmless, except for it bright red colour, and measuring 50,000 - 100,000 Scoville units.

Here is an image of these amazing chillies from wiki again

I have not seen so many chillies on the plant at my grandmom's place, but the colour is just the same. Infact I shudder to think if there were so many of them, what would be state of us! They are quite piquant, and a large one would be split in two and used for two dishes, was the norm. 

I wish I could find a plant someplace so that I could have this at my place... more like a memory of my grandmother.

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Blog- A -Prompt, Day 4 :Disaster

A day late, but nevertheless!

Disasters for me have been just about all the cooking which I have done , especially when I started cooking. In fact I have written something on this in the past. I think that post would be the best fir for this prompt, an obviously that will also ensure I have this post up quick! Beats me why I didn't think of this before!

Here goes!

May 29, 2013

Blog-A-Prompt, Day 3 : Monday

This Monday, I made a plan for today, Wednesday.

This plan was made early in the morning on Monday for late night Wednesday. And today, being Wednesday and as the evening approaches, I am happy and thrilled regarding this plan.

A friend calls it ' A girl thingi'... well, that is what it is to be, a girls night out!

Now, the thrill and the happiness can be explained, I bet. I do not know what is it with girl's night outs.. is it just a western fad? But, I certainly do enjoy them so much more and it feels, in a strange way, great to be out. I am guessing this is a feeling which occurs when you have a 2 year old and to top it, one who is a early to bed, early to rise kind.

Now, night outs do seem to have a tendency to end up on dance floors, and that is where I am not too comfortable. I do not mind shaking a leg once a while, but in the usual crowded places, I rather just have my drink and enjoy the music. Lounge music is something which is great in the night, and one which is open to the sky does certainly have its perks!

So here is to a great Monday plan for Wednesday!

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May 28, 2013

Blog - a - Prompt, Day 2: Thirst

The fact is that I did not study at all in college. And, I regret it. I was a top student through school, and somehow the freedom and new country changed things up for me to such a great extend that I just did not have it in me to study. This is something which I have seen happening with so many people in IITs that in some convoluted way, I take solace in the fact that I am not the only one who lost it! Having known this for a while, even after I did graduate from IIT, I did not get myself into the groove, and did not go ahead for any further studies. Now, you may ask, WHY??

The itch to study and prove myself was my main motivation behind the studies, I never could understand what is it that I would achieve if I do go ahead for higher studies, and in my case, that would have been a PhD. A PhD would have taken many more years to complete and this makes it a more difficult decision to make. Once married, I always thought that if I do complete my PhD, where is the time for a kid and a post doctral fellowship at the same time? And who would be willing to come and stay with me in an alien country to take care of my kid? I did not have the answers to these questions, and that would be the primary reason I never was inclined enough to take up studies. But, even today, I think I want to head back to school and study something, make the amends which I have always wanted to do. These thoughts alternate with the reality and have me again at that place wherein I do not know where I am headed.

Circumstances do not always favour, as is now, and the thirst for knowledge shall remain unfulfilled.

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May 27, 2013

Blog-a-Prompt, Day 1: My true colours

As I sat with my drink yesterday evening, I realized that one of the facts of life is that my true colours are seen only when I am 2 drinks down. I was having a conversation with B earlier in the day that I am a round about sort of person, I find it exceptionally difficult to give a straight forward answer. I might know what the answer is, and what is my opinion, but I invariably try to give it in a diplomatic/ round - about manner. And that changes once those 2 drinks are down.

I sometimes do wonder why is this. Why is it so difficult? What makes it such a wrong thing in my eyes? I do not know whether if this is truly wrong in my eyes, but I think it it more that I have never ever been the one to give a preference in front of anyone. My closest friends would also say that me giving a choice would mean that I really want that, or I am really comfortable with the group. I realized today that there is another aspect to this, it can also mean that I am 2 drinks down!

Recently when I had gone for the bloggers meet at Kufri too, this was an observation which was made by folks who I met just a few hours back. Given that many of us read each other's blogs, but we were predominantly meeting each other in person for the very first time. I speak when I am comfortable, and this comfort comes about when alcohol comes into the picture. Sad, but true! Thats when my true colours manifest themselves! A  drink has a way of making you feel comfortable, feeling confident, these being the very feelings which can have a positive or a negative impact on the situation. I enjoy sitting with friends and conversing, sharing a drink, having discussions, and these are the times where I speak the most and feel light headed I guess, to speak out without the inhibitions!

Good or Bad? I do not know.
But, these are my true colours!

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May 21, 2013

A blogger meet - Kufri

Apart from being away from T for 3 nights, I was meeting bloggers, traveling to Kufri, having a fabulous time and feeling the mommy guilt disappear with the end of day 2. I didn't think the mommy guilt would go away that soon, but then it did! I was just enjoying myself way too much after so long. I guess it is so wonderful to be with your kid, but then it is also a great feeling to be free and experience the freedom once again.

So, getting to the meet, thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many bloggers who I have been following for years now, and this being my only second blogger meet, it was tad uncomfortable in the beginning, but by the end of the 2 days I could see how things were getting so easy and enjoyable for me.

Bangalore to Chandigarh, then from there off to Kufri, being rained in for a day and driving off to Chail for a quick visit and a sumptuous meal, the Rock gardens of Chandigarh and Bangalore. That would be the routing through 4 days start to end. And all I have are some photos to show how great the trip was and memories which are not be replaced anytime soon.

Gathering and gearing up

Happy bloggers looking forward to some great fun!

The must- have enroute stop

Dogs of the hills look so perfect

Nothing beats hot maggi and chai when the chill sets in

The quaint little cottages we stayed in, at Kufri

The views that greet us every morning, noon and night

Bikers really do have all the fun though

Enroute to Chail

Clouds above, clouds below

Rock Garden, Chandigarh