December 12, 2013

A kind of marathon #MB2013

The past 10 odd days, B has been travelling and I have been quite a bit on my own once T is off to bed. I sit about, read, do some crochet and then maybe watch a movie. It does feel lovely to be sitting with some crochet in hand and watch a movie. It is something I believe I did last when I was sitting at home while I was expecting. I watched movies, worked a bit and did lots of new born crochet then. But, now I make a indoor pair of socks for T which would be great during travel and just plod around inside the house, mainly during the morning hours at Bangalore. I shall soon post a photo of the socks once I am done with it. I might even be able to get T to model for me!

So, back to movies, which is what I had intended to write about in this post. So many movies have been watched and individual reviews are too much of a hassle. I shall just put down a few lines on what my thoughts were about each.

Keith (2008)

This was an interesting movie about high school and how an odd boy changes the path set out for the straight A girl. I would call it cheesy for sure, but the story revolves around more on the emotional aspect rather than the high school kids. This worked for me, but it was very predictable and in a way felt a little kiddish. Maybe just me!

Rating: 3/5

Blow (2001)
 This was a movie which I thought of watching solely based on the cast. Jhonny Depp and Penelope Cruz. I knew I would be watching some offbeat movie, but personally I enjoy the stuff.

This is a story about a small town boy making it big in the drug mafia by bringing in Cocaine from Mexico directly, selling it and finally trying to get out of it with not much success. It is based on a real life story of George Jung. The movie proceeds in a narrative mode, with not too many great dialogues, but the story pans out a peek into how things move in the underworld. Its not great cinema, but I enjoy such offbeat titles.

Rating: 3.5/5

Layer Cake (2004)
I am sure you know why I did end up watching this movie... Daniel Craig! I am not a huge actor crazy person, but I do have some people I like to watch on screen and I end up looking out for movies by these folks. They can be old titles, or new. Like, I love to watch Sean Connery old old movies. Absolutely love them... very little technology, but great cinema.

So, this movie didn't quite cut the mark for me. It again involves the drug mafia and their ruthlessness. It has quite a few twists and turns, but the whole movie lacked good dialogues, and this ended up me just trying hard to finish it rather than enjoy it.

Rating: 2.5/5

Hunger Games (2012)
 Oh well, when the second part was released was when I decided I shall watch this one. And why? I am not a sci-fi person, but still I thought I should as some folks from work were planning to go for the movie, and I needed to know what it was all about. I had read about it, and I knew this was not the Star Trek or X- Men kind of Sci - fi. So, there was still some hope that I shall be able to enjoy this one.

I was completely happy with this selection and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It had the right amount of story, fantasy, emotions and all. Now I wait to drag someone to watch the second part with.

Rating: 4.5/5

And, that draws the end of my movie marathon which has been ongoing for the past week. I enjoy this alone time and like the less household duties too, but yes, I do want someone to talk to about my day and spend some time with relaxing, instead of being all by myself.

So, I await B's return tonight!

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