April 30, 2008


I have always had so many people around me who are smoking, that at times one may assume I have become so used to the smell, the smoke and the ash being all around the place. But the reality is that I have been used to the smell (I have almost become immune to it), the smoke (that can be resolved with proper ventilation) but the ash being in the air and on the various things is something I have not ever been used to. In fact I hate the ash flying about the house and things have ash strewn on them, which usually is mistaken for dust too. The ash is much more difficult to get off the upholstery and many a times, the cleaning procedure leaves faint gray streaks which only make the matters worse.

My father smokes and has never ever had a motivation strong enough to give it up. He reduced it only when health was proving to be a concern. The extend my mother tried to make him understand is overwhelming, but for those who smoke, I think it is not a concern as they all tend to believe in the extremely easily philosophy – ‘ It wont happen to me !‘

My father finally decided to bring his smokes drastically down after the doctors gave him a scare. Mind it, my mother is a doctor, an anesthetist to be more specific! But then, that never ever mattered. I think it is so disheartening to know that what your wife says to you is not important, but what truly makes a difference is what someone whose job is to say the same thing to everyone says it to you also! I think this just made my mother not interfere with what my father wishes to do about his smoking. Anyhow it didn’t matter that what she felt was the true scenario with no bias and no duty interfering, with the what the docs were saying.

I wondered then how I would react to such a situation. Will I become not bothered, or would I tend to pursue in spite of knowing that my words are falling on deaf ears. Knowing me, I do not think that I am capable of setting about with perseverance to make someone better. I believe that this is something which is that person’s complete personal choice and should be left to them to deal with. I feel I would just follow my mother and be quiet regarding matters where one can not make any effect.

But at the same time, I am not the kind of person who would like to be written off as inconsequential especially without a reason, and hence on fore thinking I believe I would become very irritated and maybe also adamant to prove my point in any other means.

Anyhow, I guess that would be good for the smoker anyways!

April 24, 2008

Accept Vs Change

“Everything in life changes you in someway, and if you do not accept these changes you are not accepting yourself.”

This is something which I read recently on PS’ Blog and it struck me so hard. I feel everyday I try to fight to change something in me or around me. I do not remain satisfied with what is around me, and moreover what I am. But, if I am satisfied, then from where does come the realization and need to grow, be it something which one is not, or even have a vision.

As this says, what if we accept all changes and move with the flow in the belief that we have but a few days to live and we should live it the present way, rather than fighting to change those days to what they may be. This something might be our dreams and wishes too.

Do we accept changes or fight them to make them the way it will be suitable to us? I believe I am thoroughly confused now.

On the contrary, you also tend to lose the smaller things in life, which never come back just because we are so involved in changing so many things or worse still, trying to change so many things.

I think maybe the idea of ' a peace and happy life' lies with the idea that we should know what to accept, how much to accept and when to sit back and enjoy things. How easy said!! I myself am thinking,!!

This surely is the reality and on thinking, I feel this is what many of us anyhow put to practice as we being rational individuals do not tend to overdo the fight nor do we go ahead with easy acceptance. Or do we?

April 19, 2008

A Picture

I think this is positively the best picture which I have got of Whisky. Maybe this can also be attributed to the fact that she totally refuses to be still in most cases, as seen here unless she is fast asleep.

Note: Here too, she is on the Bean Bag which she has very easily conquered !! :(

April 14, 2008

Jaguar: Luxury, Style and Performance

" India is home to the largest English speaking population as of the day. “ says the TIME

When I read this statement I was slightly confused, but then I believe, even if there are many countries which are purely English speaking, none are as big as us!

Anyhow what got me to this statement above has got nothing to do with India as such, just the simple fact that I was looking out for the updates status of the Tata Motors buying of Jaguar and Land Rover. I was surprised to see that there were some very strong changes in the view point of the buy. Initially, I believe a month back, there were statements from Ford that the image of Jaguar would drop with Tata Motors (Indian company) being the owner. But on the contrary I was reading that Britain is happy with this buy, as they believe, an Indian company would know how to run the originally British Company much better than what the Americans have bee doing in the past years. As they say, they have been merely trying to cash in on the already existing name of the Jaguar and Land Rover; the British hope that Indians would certainly be able to do a better job with the Jag.

Jaguars have been, for almost eras viewed as the symbol of class and luxury. Their unique blend of style, performance and luxury especially in the price range is what makes these cars the valued cars worth the every penny. They started with the Sports car tag and have moved into very different lines and maybe with the oncoming of India into the picture we might see many more of these beautiful cars on Indian roads.

April 7, 2008

Rock and Roll

This weekend I have been busy just downloading all the music which I can get my hands on, and one of my friend's happened to send me a clipping stating the top classics in rock and roll.

I always wanted some similar genre on music to what I am usually used to, and this set me on to downloading all the names mentioned here.

I wonder how many of us happen to listen to the latest songs and more importantly like it too. I hear them alright, all the latest Rap and Hip Hop on VH1 but I am not too sure about hearing them again. These Rock and Roll songs have such a strong affinity which they create which I not see in today's music. I believe this is what many say even about the Indian music of today, it doesn't just have that 'extra bit' in it to make it remembered as are the songs of the past.

Maybe this is also a form of generation gap as I see my brother enjoying a very different kind of music as opposed to what I enjoy. He does try to get me also interested in the same and I try to get him hooked onto the old time classics. I like the songs at times, like Akon ( which got me hooked to ) !

He likes them but would nevertheless prefer his own music!

April 5, 2008

Murder at 3:09 AM

I have sometimes wondered what would totally scare me the most, and what would that be which as people say can give you a heart attack. The answer which I have come up with following yesterday night’s events is “Cockroaches”!! They do certainly scare me the most.

Yesterday night I woke up with a start when I realized that some flying insect had just landing on my arm. And the moment I woke up, somehow I had a feeling within that this was not an insect and it was a cockroach which had landed on my arm. I almost shrieked and flung my hands sideways to get rid of it, and the moment I saw it land on the floor ( after i switched on the mobile phone for a streak of light), I knew that it was a cockroach, all right! I ran for the insect killer and by that time, the cockroach had further started to fly around the room. (The most I hate being the flying cockroaches!) I think my room would be still smelling of the spray which I used to kill it eventually after running behind it (at a safe 1 m distance though) for a period of close to 10 minutes!

Even though I did succeed eventually, I still was unable to sleep to well knowing within that I just had a cockroach sitting on my arm!

April 4, 2008

Sleepy Cat !

Thats her recently in a very groggy state when the afternoon sun started to pour in through the drawn curtains!

She has started to climb up onto chairs... though when she tries to jump down... I can see that her hind leg doesn't do too well. :(

Now we're going to move places, and the new place has a balcony, I seriously do hope that she will be careful with her play and not hurt herself !

Now thats her favourite spot: The brand new bean bag !

And she certainly does know how to find her comfortable nook in it too :)

April 1, 2008

1st April

There are some days when you get up and feel that today is not going to the best of days. Things which are very small irk and then somehow you tend to feel that today everyone decides to also be on their worse behavior.

Worse still is that I do not tend to say anything to ask those to stop (who are irritating me) and then that process goes on (irritation) till the point that I reach the pinnacle where there is no more I can take (usually this happens around evening), following which I have a showdown with whoever happens to be in the vicinity (for no fault of theirs).

I so wish that I am able to speak out and tell people that “I am irritated, please do not push me over the cliff!” Alas, that has never happened till now. And I wonder whether that will happen either. I always try to portray a very high level of patience and then end with very dire results.