June 12, 2018

Bali with kids

A beach is always a favorite when it comes to kids, and Bali is no different.

It has some beautiful beaches, and with great waves which attracts many people for surfing. There are even surfing classes which will work great for older kids.

And, as you sit there watching then run in and out of the water, you would have innumerable ladies who would approach you, offering a massage, manicure or a pedicure. And to add to that, we have shacks which would serve you some drinks and eats on the side, as you lounge under that beach umbrella.

From the moment you step into Bali, you see the the many references to Hindu mythology, from scenes from the Ramayana and various temple sculptures.

Just outside the Bali airport
Outside many temples, you would see statues which are very intricate and worked on stone or wood.

One of the great places we visited, was the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre. This was something which I had read about, and we were looking forward to seeing the kind of work they do there. They had a huge space where the housed and took care of the turtle eggs which were laid on the Bali beaches. And, these beaches being now touristic attractions, makes it difficult for these eggs to survive and the baby sea turtles to reach the sea. The folks at the centre worked to personally collect these eggs, house them in the correct conditions and ensure that they babies are send back to the sea to lead a life in the wild.

They also housed many injured or terminally ill sea turtles, who would find it difficult to lead a regular life out at sea. They took care of the animals, continuous care and monitoring to ensure that these animals, who can not be cured are also given the care which is possible. This centre ran on donations, and there was not even a ticket for entry. It was a great experience for kids to see, learn and touch these tiny and big creatures.

One of the things I learnt was the difference between sea turtles and land turtles. 

Sea turtles can not contract their body within the shell to save themselves, making them more vulnerable to predators. But, land turtles, can save themselves by using their shell to pry away from unnecessary interactions and predators