October 1, 2019

You cannot always get what you want.

3 months back, there were many thoughts running in my head regarding relationships and how it seems to be getting the better of me. It seems to render me neither happy nor content, but tensed and resulting in a dull aching pain at my temples.

As Rolling Stones said - You cannot always get what you want.

Then, what do you do?

If you are faced with a situation which gives you immense pain, but you are choosing to accept this situation then how do you ensure that you are happy irrespective of the situation?

You choose to look at the pain as transient and decide that instead of assuming the many facts, just try to find the happy areas for you. And that is what I have tried to do also. Look into myself and find those pockets which truly make me happy. And keep the rest as requirements to be met. It seems like a project to me, much less a life. Having said that, if it does help in bringing in my peace and tranquility, why not?

I am a person who tries to avoid confrontation, and that is not a good trait, I already know it. And many times, the letting it go, ends up at immense frustration or an eruption of sorts which might run back to the original problem which I was anyhow trying to avoid.

Talking of not good traits, one of the other wrongs that I see within myself is the blaming myself attitude. I think if someone complaints of a problem, I seem to take it personally. This is not going to get me to solve the problem, nor is it going to help me have a neutral/ good relationship with the person involved. This again goes back to building unhappiness within me.

How do I solve these issues?

It is a very complex issue in my head, and I wonder whether I can solve them without changing a host of things within me. I keep thinking of these things, and when nothing comes out of all the thinking I am at a loss to how to change myself to suit the needs of my daily life.

Truly a loss of time and thought.