December 24, 2013

A week away #MB2013

Two day from today and a week from today are two very special things.

This is the kind of ring B was looking for during our wedding. 

Two days away is my wedding anniversary, to mark another successful year of love and happiness (along with fighting and bickering). I believe that gifts are nice to receive and gift. There is a happiness associated with it, and if you are the kind of person who will treasure them and pick them up after years knowing when you got it, that is a really special feeling. So, I am yet to figure out what will be B's gift, but there will be something. Has to be!

And a week from now is the new year, and with it the new resolutions. I am not too much of a resolutions person, but I do try to keep things a little in control, and I do try to take up something which I will try to achieve through the year. I have not really thought of what I will be doing this year. Last year, was exercising and trying to keep fit. This year too I believe that has to be a core need, especially now touching on the 30s mark. Apart from this, I wish to learn Kannada. That is a need I see and I want to... I planned to do that I believe sometime mid 2013, but then with work starting, it became difficult. I need to figure out how I can pick this up again. Any leads? Is there anything online? I have not come across anything as yet.


  1. Wow. The last month is so much fun for you with double celebrations coming up :)

  2. Happy Anniversary :D :D
    and happy New year in advance :D

  3. Here is a site to make your learning simple

  4. Happy Anniversary Aathira! And All the best with Kannada lessons.
    Maybe look for Cds / books at Crossword / Flipkart?

    List of classes, if you consider attending one -

  5. Absolutely agree with what you said about gifting.. we sometimes start taking people for granted and forget about it a wee bit :).
    For Kannada I found the best thing that helped was the need to speak to people who understand "only" that language - try the sweeper on your road, the milkman, the BWSSB folks for example :).


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