September 16, 2014

Something french

I walked in and looked about. 

Everything looked just about the same. The blue walls, the water coolers, the small garden patch with the benches. It did bring a smile to my face. 

Turning a corner had me walking towards a chattering group and the familiar faces made me the silent spectator as always. 

And then I spotted the coffee brown polo neck and tan corduroy jacket. 

'Hello Sir, how have you been?' 

We started to walk to the playground as he was headed out for his lunch break duty. And I dutifully tagged along speaking about work, travel and all. 

My was smiling all through and seeing him again brought back so many memories or studying and doing things just to have him smile! 

'Amma... wake up.. the sun is OUT! It is day.'

Oh well, there are some dreams and some thoughts which are better off in dreams.  

I opened my eyes smiling, and thought that was the kind of crush high school physics teachers were entitled to :) They last through years and years, 15 years to be precise :)

As I thought back, I was quite surprised by the extend I remember about his dressing style, his goatee, his smile, and the seriousness with which he prepared his classes, and the interruptions which he did not entertain. I still have a vivid picture in my head about how he walked about with his box of chalks and textbooks.

Seems like ages back.

I have an immense liking for french beards, or goatees, or whatever it is called. And when I say immense, I quite mean it.


I believe that is something which I have loved since school, and this teacher being one to sport is so well with his jeans, polo neck and corduroy jackets, had me ( and many more girls) listening raptly to vectors and forces and speed and pressure issues.

 A shaggy look, beard is something I will swoon over, any day, over the clean shaven or mustache. There is a mystery, a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I see men as above. And that is also the reason, one of my all time favourite men in Bollywood has been Kunal Kapoor. It is as obscure a choice, I have been told, but that is the truth.


My fascination with a goatee is to such an extend that I have asked B to attempt a goatee in lieu of any gifts for birthday or anything for the entire year. But, he anyhow picked to give gifts that have an 'itchy beard' ! I believe that there is sure to be a period of irritation, especially when the hair lengths are different, but once trimmed and the threshold is crossed, it would be wonderful. Or so, I believe. I still plan on repeating the request, he might just have that bout of overflowing love wherein he might attempt it one more time.

Fingers crossed!

September 3, 2014

Book Review: Cobalt Blue by Sachin Kundalkar (Translated by Jerry Pinto)

A book with 2 chapters. A book with just 6 charachters. A book which makes you think of love very differently.

A paying guest with a free spirit in a house where a family of 4 resides. A son who falls in love with the paying guest and the daughter also follows suit. But the daughter being more feisty, decides to run away with the man and live a life away from the eyes of parents and society. But, alas, only to be left stranded and in need of counselling to get back her life and goals in order.

The son is distraught and does not even know what has happened. But he fathoms the impossible when he realizes his sister is back, and his love and sister had run off. No one understands the son, he goes into depression, and that too is not even accepted by his parents who are only fussing about the daughter, getting her fine and marrying her off. There is a certain pathos which has been shown on the side of the parents, in their dealings with the children. Society and expectations mould the behaviour of parents towards adult children. They are expected to understand and comply to keep with the traditions, and to the extend that they do not see what is blatant enough, but not the norm.

This book left me with a feeling of unknown. It did not end, per say. I felt there was a closure required, which was lacking, in my respect. But, the work was beautiful in seeing the feelings coursing through love, despair and rejection. It was beautifully portrayed.

Rating: 3/5