August 31, 2007

The Doing of Business

I have been wondering off late how is it that some people seem to have a flair for business and the thought process associated with it. From where do they obtain this know how and the thinking capability such that they are known to others as to have a 'business bend of mind'? I know for one that when I think of business I see many pink pages and i think thats where things pretty much end for me! I wonder how people are able to think of so many things which are so unrelated and furthermore then eventually make it all interlinked!! How is it that they know and have a desire to know about things which have never ever crossed their path before? Maybe that I can very safely attribute to curiosity but then in that case, how do you get all those new ideas... but what ever the other things that pass through the person's mind, what amazes me the most is that interlinking power! How do they do that ... how do they know that something that they heard last night on TV or while talking to a friend over a drink is what they can use the next day when they are faced with a problem. If they didn't know that this was something that they can use the next day... but they were just trying their luck, then in that case, how do they still know that out of so many things that one hears every yesterday, this is what will solve their problem for the day? Its just an inherent understanding which prevails within a person and I believe that this is what makes that money making successful...

How is it that one thinks of things in the future ... plan the moves so as to speak... and then another interesting thought is that there are so many sub sets within business: understading people and cashing in on where it suits you the most, knowing the trends and being completely up to date with issues in relation to what one does, and above knowing all about the whole driving force: money ! It looks interesting, quite very interesting I must add, but what then decides whether you are in for that jump and knowing whether you have it in you to go ahead and succeed, in this oh so very gingerly balanced system of gaining money ! I guess I have loads to learn and lets see where that learning process shall lead to in due course...

August 20, 2007

Job ?

I have been just thinking off late what does it mean to say that you are happy in a job... (request you to not consider the fact that I am unhappy or something like that)... I am totally happy with my job... and I think I couldn't have got something better to do. When I say that I am enjoying my job I feel that maybe I am speaking too early... am I just judging the days/months/years ahead based on mere 40 days? But then the fact that there has been not a day when I felt that I should have been somewhere else... should count much more than the number of days right? I am guessing that it should :) and I have pretty strong inkling that I shall come to know whether this is true or not quite soon !

I know so many people who say that with time things happen to change and then the very same things which were the best to you might just become the usual and once that happens then will things remain the same? Somehow I have a strong feeling that for many this will translate to many issues which you might face in life... then how does this specifically say anything about a job? (this is a valid statement for almost any relationship which you might come across)... be it with friends, an item or else even with a place... I am certain that some places eventually lose out the charm with the years too. And this is usually seen to happen when things seem stagnant...which leads me to believe that it is more dependent on whether you want to have a life/job which is truly dynamic or you are satisfied with a static one?

August 6, 2007

Pink Vs Blue

I was just thinking... lately with the advent of metro sexuality and the modern man, how the standardized color sense of the years have been changed. It’s now that if you can’t carry off the pink and purple, then you are no way modern, the whites, creams and blues are considered colors of the old man and bold is young. When did this change come about? When have the color scheme changed? Well if you look at it at times, when has there been any restriction on the colors which a woman should wear? I don’t ever remember that in fact, that brings us to the age old question of inequality between men and women and as far as to my knowledge i think this has been certainly in the favor of women for once :)

How does color get aligned with a particular sex? Does it have any link to the inner aspect of the sex? A pastel color shows a soft soothing nature and does this have anything to do with its links to the female race? This is what I have come to believe...after careful speculation, the colors are based on the general feel the exude and hence the more pastel shades are attributed to women. But in case we see a man wearing a pink shirt and shouting very angrily, it’s not something which we will see as out of place, the color is something which is so superficial that once our eyes get used to it then where will there be any time/space in our heads to associate the color with the personality. Hence I guess a pink or blue shows nothing for a man or a woman, and if they did, white should surely mean that the person would have nothing to say regarding anything and h/she is as placid as the colour!

August 1, 2007

Lhasa apso

I was just thinking of going ahead and buying a Lhasa apso once I get my first salary… I wanted that to be the gift to myself but then somehow that was not to be. I guess it’s not possible when living almost alone and to take care of a dog is not a small thing for sure, he requires either dedicated effort from one or else he would need many to look after him in shifts, which is what I thought would be possible considering that I live with friends, but I was so surprised to find that I live with so many people who have a fear of dogs, not a morbid fear but then nevertheless who would prefer to be at the other side of the road when a dog happens to be at the same road! A real small Tibetan dog, which is said to an amazing watchdog, as loyal as a friend can be, I never did thing that this dog would also have its own set of enemies. Its not that I speak without experience, I myself had a Lhas, and he died a few years back, being 12 years old. But for his size and activity, I am sure that 12 can be very easily equated to 80 in human years. They are said to be age old Tibetan monastery watch dogs, these one foot tall dogs, with a hearing as sharp as a bat and a bite which can be quite tingling, with such specifications, it isn’t very hard to see why they tend to make the best watchdogs.

Then I started thinking about Persian cats, now I don’t have a particular liking towards the cat family, excepting of course the leopards and jaguars, else smaller versions have never been something which I have had a strong fascination with. But then thinking on the lines that I need to have some living being next with me to share my life with, come back to after work, and that it has to be small so that turned me towards cats if not small cute dogs… but then animals scurrying around seems to be the point of problem. So now I am left with no pet as yet and wondering what else to consider which wont pose as a problem to many. I am not too fascinated by birds, they have to be in a cage and that somehow feels cruel, it’s restricting their natural lifestyle. Similarly even fish, I think keeping them in an aquarium is cruel. So now by the looks of it I feel I won’t be having a pet at least not in my present settings!