March 30, 2011

March 23, 2011

Day 44 - A corner

I missed to post something yesterday, so there will be 2 posts today... one coming up towards the end of the day.

March 21, 2011

Day 43 - Log Huts

Log huts are said to be quite stable during earth quakes and natural calamities.

March 16, 2011

A deep breath

This is not a grave post, but in a slight dip right now. 

There are sudden unforeseen changes which come about in one's lives, and I think it is best to take it in one's stride. There are some things which needs to be done, and might not be the greatest thing which you would like, but I guess it will be the best deal in times to come. Even when the human heart understands all this, it still has a tendency to feel low in view of the impending change. I wonder why … 

Changes are said always for the good, and the changes which one chooses themselves, should be of that nature certainly, at least so I believe. Getting out of the comfort zone, and moving into new places, adjusting is something we as human beings try to avoid to the last minute. But, nevertheless, maybe when you do look back, things might be better as they have happened. 

I am not sure whether this made any sense… but just thoughts which crossed my mind at present.

Day 38 - Kumarakom

March 15, 2011

Movie Review - The Code aka Thick as Thieves

The Code is a movie which I have seen many times.. in fact twice when it came on Star Movies. Its a wonderful watch, a robbery based plot… and with an amazing cast. 

Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas is a combination which is what makes this even more worthwhile. Morgan Freeman is a veteran thief and he wants to pull a major heist and he decides to make Antonio Banderas as his partner. There is also an angle of Antonio Banderas falling for woman, and that woman being Morgan Freeman's daughter! 

What I do like about this movie, in spite of it having just a 5.9 rating on IMDB, is that maybe I am a great fan of both the lead actors and their simple acting style makes it a simple easy watch. The plot is not wonderful, but it is a great movie to spend a week night watching :)

Catch it if you have not .. its a good one.

Day 37 - Pasta

March 10, 2011

March 9, 2011

My relationship in Series

Yesterday when I was sitting and watching Gossip Girl, it struck me that I have not been a very series person. For one, I do not always want to watch a series, and when I do, I am quite choosy about the shows I do watch. This made me think when was it that I started watching series on TV or else.

So, here goes, a chronological list of all that I have followed over the years.

As far back as I remember, the first series which I used to follow religiously was, Small Wonders, when it used to come on Star Plus. These were the days when Star Plus was the English channel which showed Santa Barbara, Bold and the Beautiful, Baywatch and such. I am guessing this would be 1993 - 94.

After this, the next series which caught my attention was Doogie Howser MD.  This was during the time when I had entered class 8 and was in a mood to become a doctor. Science, especially biology was something caught my fancy and this looked like a series which was contributing in my understanding to medicine and the difficulty associated with it.

After this series, there was a long gap till 2000 which is when I started to watch Friends. I think there are not too many people who would have not seen this series, and I have proudly watched all 10 seasons, and every single episode more than once. I think in college, this was more like a lifeline, short and sweet between all the studying and breaks.

In between, towards the end of college, I started to get bored of Friends and then decided to move on to Scrubs, again with my fascination with a medical series. I was totally taken in my JD and the mind talk which he was capable of. I thought this was a diff genre of comedy, infused with some serious mind share too to it. I watched all the 6 or 7 seasons, saw people change, get settled and move on with their lives. It feels good to know that life is such for each and every one of us.

Following this was the fantastic times when I watched every single episode of Sex and the City and was in love with each and every one of the characters. I have seen both the movies which were released and I think this marked the start for me into the fashion related series. I was introduced to all the fashion houses, brands and also started to keep a watch on what was being said about these fashioniastas at the current times.

Then came the era of the Desperate Housewives and they made a huge impact with a completely different set of problems, and their problems seemed not related to our lives at all, but nevertheless it was amazing to see the lovely 5 women strong and capable of taking care of their families. I wonder was this the woman in me being awaken... I guess not, as this was the series which I got off the fastest! I followed through the first season and maybe parts of the second, but I lost complete interest, and has not been watching it ever since.

After I lost interest with Desperate Housewives, then came the time for The O.C. This was a typical family drama set amongst the families residing in Orange County, California. Being in the last years of college, with a lot of free time, I did watch all 4 seasons of this series, and I liked the theme music a lot. I used to find the lead actress very pretty and her stylist always did a good job too. I think I watched this one solely for the fashion and drama value.

Then there was a huge gap, where was just watching re-runs and movies were occupying most of the time.. series had taken a back, so as to speak. Next came along Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia , both of them I watched simultaneously and were very similar also. The fact was they both ran on two diff channels in the US, so could afford to have a different set of audience. Both were suggested by a friend, and she was very sure it was something I would love. This again had a woman centric theme, three very successful corporate women, their friendship and relationships. I think it was something which drew me to it the most, considering this was the time when I had started working and was just getting acclimatized to the corporate world and its problems. Both these series ran just for 1 or 2 season(s), though I must say, these were really nice. And, if I was asked to choose a winner between the two, it would have been Lipstick Jungle. Anyhow, they never continued either of these series.

And then now what is that I watch? I watch Gossip Girl. Started watching it sometime over the last year, and have been following all the recent episodes in Season 4 too. It is a New York based high society drama, with the kids of the families at the centre and their lives and loves as they move from school to college et al.

Something which I have been planning to starting to watch is Modern Family. I have been hearing some good reviews about this series and yet to decide whether to start on this or not. Another few which I have been thinking of trying are How I met your Mother and Grey's Anatomy.

So now that you see my trend in TV Series and what kind of stuff generally tend to draw me, what do you suggest?

Day 32 - Wheels of Progress

March 6, 2011

Day 29 - Clock Tower

I missed posting something yesterday, but here is something from Ajmer for the day. This is the clock tower which you see when you exit from the railway station.

March 4, 2011

Friday Faces - Demure Bride

Monika has started the meme called Friday Faces, and I am so excited to be a part of it. Every friday of the week, there will be an image posted of a face. And I shall also be adding a note on what I thought while clicking the picture. 

This is a picture of a demure, tensed bride... why tensed? I think one she is getting married... and the second was that she was atop a Palki !!

Day 28 - Mugappu

Mugappu is a structure which is seen quite commonly in traditional Kerala houses. It is a triangular shaped structure which is placed at the entrance to the house high on the roof. Please have a look at this picture too.

This mugappu here is an antique piece which is made of wood and with intricate carvings. 

March 2, 2011

Day 26 - Padmanabhapuram Palace

This is the Padmanabhapuram Palace which lies off the road on crossing the Kerala - Tamil Nadu border, enroute to Kanyakumari from Trivandrum. 

This palace location served as the original capital of the Travancore kings, before it was shifted to Trivandrum. One of the greatest sights in this palace is the wood carvings and granite workmanship on display. Apart from this, there is also a great deal of chinese influence because of the chinese traders who regularly visited the kingdom during those times. There is also a beautiful bathing pond which I shall feature later.