April 28, 2010

Keep them nails pretty

Me being me, and me having always thought that I would know many beauty tricks... I am surprised I never ever thought of this before... well maybe prior to marriage I did not really need to know this.

When you cook, your nails tend to be slightly discoloured (courtesy the Indian spices) and then, you do not feel happy about it, not one bit...I hate having slightly yellow nails. The problem in wearing nail polish is that it tends to chip off easily and requires more time to be maintained. But, I recently realized that top coat, or colourless nail varnish is a great solution... it serves the purpose and doesn't chip off easily as its meant to be a top coat. Above all, it helps to keep the nails pink and white!!

April 27, 2010

Just an update

Here I am .. completed 4 months of marriage, and did these months feel any different from the past 2 years...not really! The only difference was that we had my parents visiting, and we going over to Delhi oh so many times! I did not mind it one bit... I think my heart is just still so much in love with Delhi...it was teenage love when I set eyes on it when I was 18!

Apart from the usual love and fun in life, I have decided now comes the time to work and shed some energy and gain some money. So, I have joined the bandwagon of working (professionals/beings?) once again, so now my days start at 8 and end at 1! Now if you do not call that working, what is... well actually even within that time, I am in office for 9 hours, and the rest is travel and prep time.

What is it that I do?
Its a discovery process which I plan to undertake... and I hope that it shall keep my spirits high. So, now I shall get back to work.

April 23, 2010

Places and food!

We travelled quite a bit this last week.. Delhi.. then Vaishno Devi... back to Delhi and finally headed back home on thursday! And while we were at B's place... we had some of the most awesome home cooked tikkis, samosas, and khichdi ....slurrrrppp ;)

I do not think I will do the whole travelogue thing for Vaishno Devi... but just pics and loads of them :) 

 I  was dead tired after the trek up and down... and now walk around with a crepe bandage due to a sprained ankle :(

April 22, 2010

Garden Help !

So I started gardening a few months back... made a lot of effort and was getting to be proud of my garden when I see some white stuff on my croton, assumed its fungus and got some neem powder, hoping that would do the trick... it did not :(  I think the situations is fast deteriorating... someone please help me.. what kind of a fungicide am I to apply... and do I spray or mix in in water while watering?