About Me

I am a person who loves to read, browse the web, watch interesting movies, do craft work, try my hand at cooking and gardening. And I try to do all the said things in between taking care of my family.

This blog is where I have documented many thoughts which has crossed my mind since the past few years and its truly a medley, as is my life.

I love photography and have been an owner of my very own camera from the age of 18. I enjoy shooting objects more, people in a natural surrounding, and recently have been trying out food photography. I started with a Minolta Riva in 2000, then it was a Sony P10 from 2006 which has been replaced by a Canon IXUS SX230HS in 2012.

I enjoy cooking, not a daily routine though. Love to make something special and try out new recipes. You can have a look at my trials here.  I am also going to start some baking now that my daughter has grown up a little and would like some finger food, and I think its better home made.

Apart from all this, my current loves ( apart from my family): Crochet and Gardening :)


  1. Hey you changed your blog look ! Looking good ...

  2. @Priyam: Yups.. a long way to go from here!
    @Bimal: Thank you

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