August 28, 2008

A fight to live

It is very disheartening to see that there are so many instances where we are trying to save nature and animals, help them proliferate. But here is an instance where the marine biologists are unable to do anything to help this orphaned starving calf. Why can not this calf be taken to a center where it can be taken care of? Is it too small?

On the contrary here we have a situation where the old are being given a better chance at life. They have the option which the whale calf doesn't have.

I do not say that its wrong to preserve life, but then this calf also has the wish to live. We take care of infants orphaned at birth. Why don't we have some mechanism through which such orphans can also be taken care of?

August 27, 2008

A jinx with travels!

Every weekend I try to organize a trip and every weekend, somehow everyone has a activity pre lined up. I have tried the long weekend getaways and even tried the one day trips which would entail just a complete day starting off early that it ! Why is it that somehow it just never ever works out. I know of so many friends who have such wonderful weekends and this also. They might just go to a place which is a few kilometers out of the city, but I believe the change in environment and the travel surely help them start their next week with a much more relaxed mind. I want to try this now... considering I have some free time and I would like to move about and the enjoy the region I am in now.

I have managed one 1-day trip in the whole of last year, and I am so disheartened with regard to this! How do people just get and decide that its time to go now!Right now, I am in the midst of planning a trip 2 weeks ahead of time and I am certainly hoping that this will not be messed up this time!

Btw,.... I am planning t go on a little bit of hiking and a little bit of eating extravaganza!

August 19, 2008

Planning Free bird

When one has free time then you plan and think of planning. I have been going through a similar patch and some plans have been underway, I am glad to say.

Some ideas regarding mobility have been underway and I realize now with time that learning to drive from a driving school is just not as effective as when someone teaches you. And I have also seen that this ineffectiveness is more prevalent in case of metros. The instructor has a large level of control over the car. I seemed to realize this as I have driven in gated colonies on a singly controlled car and I know the extend of control one needs to exert to have the desired effects. The same is certainly not true for a car from a driving school with its dual control system. I feel that its not worth the effort as you do not develop the true assessment capability required for driving.

In my case, I am scared (petrified should be a better choice of word) to take the car onto the road as I know that I am not adept enough and the person sitting beside me has no control. What I hope to gain from the driving school is the confidence to gauge the traffic situation and drive slowly but confidently. Someone very rightly said, driving on the road is so much like swimming, if you are scared to move to the deeper end, then no one can help you but yourself. The fear within has to go and it will only go when you are ready to take that plunge which will ensure that your fears are gone.

Planning career/ life is a time consuming job and since what steps we will take will decide the course of life for the next few years. There are so many things which one sees around and then thinks, “This is something that I would like to do too!” But, in most cases once we start on those lines, things start to look different, good or bad might differ, but then surely will be different on finally landing yourself into the situation. I guess taking one tiny step to check out the situation before plunging oneself into it is certainly not a bad idea! I just need to figure out how I go about making that small check which will make or break things.

Here I would like to mention, I am certainly thankful to all who understand what dilemma I face and who are keen to help, at the same time understanding with regard to what might prove a good path for me.

Thank you.