December 12, 2007

Along Cauvery, towards Mutathi

When we finally decided to go to Mutathi after many hours of deliberation, we had nothing to base the locale except for a Google result which showed a blog with pictures of elephants and some guys basking along a river (The Cauvery, which I later came to realize!). Now, that basking along the river is what caught our attention, and also the fact that it’s a mere 120 kms from Bangalore so making it a perfect option for a one day trip. We wanted the country which would mean clean air and we wanted fun, the water would handle that I am sure! But, above all I think we wanted to ensure that we don’t have to travel a long way and not have time to enjoy the place.

The journey to Mutathi was I believe what one would usually see when you step out of Bangalore along the Kanakpura road. The fields and the hills once you leave the city walls, the roads with houses so very off the road, truly making you wonder how it is to live against the trees and hills. We see points on the route, a line of shops, followed by a trail inside where the inhabitants of the area live and I believe their only link to the city life would be these shops on the roadside. The rocky hills which you see on both sides and that too with varying colours as you move towards your end point.

Once we reach Sathanur, we also follow a trail in search of the Mutathi village, which lies close to 30 Kms inward from the Kanakpura road. Here the stretch becomes narrow and the vegetation lines your way with a few foot trails in between. As you move along, there would be a sudden downpour and then a kilometer later you would come to a completely dry stretch, and these downpours increase as you move closer towards Bheemeshwari.

Now at many spots you can loiter by the river and have a wonderful picnic, though one needs to watch out for the monkeys which are in plenty. The river is clean and in flow, with many rocks in between. It is quite a task to wade through the water and reach these rocks too or maybe since it was my first time in a flowing river! One thing I was particularly pleased about was that the water was clear and clean, something I was wary about knowing it to be a frequented spot by many who wish to have a nice day away from city! The village is some way off and on route you cross the Cauvery Fishing Camp, where you would find lovely cottages for a weekend stay. (You need to book in advance as they are usually booked during weekends) The village precisely consists of three roads of which one would be the main road where most of the shops to have some food after your 2 hour journey would be, one would lead you to the temple and the third would lead you to further along the Cauvery.

Another option which I wish to explore my next time along Cauvery would be the trek organized by the Karnataka Forest Dept, where you start off at the Elephant Camp and walk through 20 kms to reach Mutathi and then enjoy the opposite bank of the river, as what you would have seen on this route along the Kanakpura Road.