December 11, 2017

Buda and Pest

I think it has been positively so long since I have come here. Reasons might be many, but the essence is neglect and not adhering to a routine. I guess I have been pulled in so many directions that my core has been lying neglected, just like this space which I had created. And I had created this place with a lot of love and focus on many things. Some of those things changed over time, and many new ones in fact came and wandered off too. But, the space has been me, and it has seen my transformation through all these years. And, I think that is the singular reason for me to stand by and move ahead.

I think this year I will remember by the one trip which I took which has been different on numerous grounds. But, more than the trip, I think I came back a different person.

I was recharged, and somehow the will to work towards what I want was all the more clear.

I was more accepting and I think the change in scenario took a good turn for me overall.

I had the much needed time to think, unwind and bring my life into focus.

I realized that,

Life rolls on and you need to grab those things which you want and they might just really come from anywhere.

Truly, anywhere!

I leave you with some of what I saw... and what awed me! 

Khazakhistan Mountains

Courtyard views

Very Europe

Quaint entrances