January 2, 2014

Looking back

Well, I did not really look back in December, as I was still living through the year and looking at what the year end would bring my way. Not that it did bring anything unexpected.

So now, as this new year unfolds, I take a step back and look at what I did in the last 364 days?

The beginning of the year was plagued with moving out of the comfort zone and getting back into a working schedule. Managing work and T was proving to be a big concern, and the only way I could manage was with day care. A huge step which I took after waiting out a good 5 months before taking the plunge. And from then, it has been no looking back. T adjusted, liked and at times bawled her way to day care. But, eventually everyday she comes back with a new story to tell, or make up new stories and tell. She has started to speak so much that it amazes B and me of the kind of things she picks up from others conversations.

For example, I wrote about how she did something which I explicitly told her not to, and she did agree to it minutes before deciding to let go of that. It has been a trying year in all respects and it does not make things easier that now she has her demands and things which she wants to do. These I am learning to understand and tackle in the best possible manner.

This was followed by a visit to Ooty and then followed by some travel for B wherein T and I were at home just spending days as they came. We did enjoy our time together and that is when I realized that children are far more manageable when they have instructions only from one source. They need to be in direct instruction from one person and that helps them to get the work done. I realized she has no one to go to an make requests. She would make deals with me about how she would clean up and then do painting, or play on the iPad etc. But, she understood there was no question of not cleaning up! Getting this to function with both the parents around is something which we are yet to master.

Baking has been a priority task through this year, and we have tried to keep things healthy with salads and non fatty eating options. This has been a task, but with limited work out options opening up, eating right is the only way I see it working. Something I want to try is burpees which a blog friend keeps mentioning, and this looks like something which could be a good substitute to a short workout. I was in a phase where I would do suryanamaskars every morning, but somewhere along the year that dropped off. This again needs to be picked up. And the most important task is I believe sleeping early and being up at 7 am to ensure that I get the uninterrupted time to achieve it.

Resolutions are not something I am good at, nor do I ever know what I should be putting down, so the only things which I wish to do is read, exercise and travel.


  1. Nice wrap up Aathira :). Here's to a great 2014!

  2. Aiyo! Year end review and no mention of Kufri! :P I was kinda looking for that! :P

    That apart I guess Kids always respond responsibly if we are willing to talk to them and reason and ask them if it is fair..! amazingly my son too when asked if it was fair will come and say ok you are right I will do this now and then I get to do my stuff... yes the deal making thing works for us too :D

    Happy New Year by the way and hope you get to travel lots this year as well :D

  3. Wishing you a great New Year, Aathira!

  4. Its always nice to look back at the year gone by... all the very best for 2014

  5. What you plan to do sounds better than making resolutions! Happy New Year Aathira!


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