April 17, 2015

Week 2

As three weeks pass, now my parents seem to know the energy and activities which are required by T to keep her occupied through the day. Being Kerala, there was a state wide bandh ( strike) one of the days last week, which meant that her summer camp would be off for the day. Amma was truly worried as to what would the activities she would engage her in, and how she will be occupied sitting indoors. It is really hot and humid during the summer months, so moving outside during the day, was quite impossible. 

I was surprised with the solution Amma came up with!


She decided she is going to stitch a dress for her, using the time she had with her at home, and it being an activity which T has never been involved in, it was a completely new experience for her. Being measured, and then watching the fabric being cut, and sewn into the dress. She was thoroughly thrilled with her new dress and she even got to affix a stick on flower at the end all by herself! Anyhow, that was a day well spent by both of them, though Amma did say that she is certainly a handful and also, she did agree that if it was not for the summer camp, T might just have been bored and would have wanted to come back much earlier.

But after these 2 weeks, I see that her frequency of wanting to talk to B and me has certainly increased! Does that show boredom or missing? I am not really sure.
But she has asked me way more times as to when I am coming to pick her up and when my office has holidays. Now that I am just a week away from going to Trivandrum, so I guess now she has a date to look forward to and that should let the last week pass uneventfully.

And at our end... I think I am thinking last weekend around the corner when it will be just B and me at home... Its gonna be back to running and shouting and planning weekends. Must get to some awesome weekend brunches to celebrate this successful attempt for both of us!

April 7, 2015

Week 1

After the whole new experience effect, now seems like she is settling in and is happy to be walking about exploring and checking out new things. Having Ruby, my parent's pet Beagle seems to be the most important and exciting feature of the summer vacations.

Knowing how T is and how she needs some kind of play area and craft activities to keep her occupied, I had ensured that there would be a suitable summer camp which she would be able to go to for a few hours each day. And once the camp started, she has been busy with Easter egg painting, making jelly, pot painting and all such activities. She does reguarly speak to both B and me, and give a complete update on what all she has been up to and how Ruby is her best friend.

And on our end, it had been a weird start to an empty house. That first weekend was killing, we scrubbed the whole house down, moved furniture into T's and room, and setting up her bed for when she is back. ( I plan on transitioning her to her very own room, this summer, and have her ready by the time school reopens.) Anyhow, we were like lost in the house, with no agenda and most importantly, no sound. I decided I needed music, and B started watching his TED talks, all in the pretext of distracting ourselves. But, now, we have got used to the change, and to the time we have to ourselves, after 4 years of fighting and gritting our teeth at each other.

Initially the plan was to travel and do something different, which we would not be able to do with T around, but eventually we decided, why not go and do the many things which we want to do right here in Bangalore. So the last weekend, we went to a musical nite by Farah Siraj, which was I think the latest we both had been out of the house in the past 4 years. We got back by around 1 am and I think we were so thrilled to be able to do something as such. These were the small things which we missed, having no family or support around to even take a small break of a few hours. 

This break for us has been great, and knowing that she is happy and thrilled makes it all the more easy to enjoy ourselves!

April 1, 2015

Week 0

When the idea was thrown up by T, I never thought she would be so adamant and staunch in following through with it.
A month at my parent's place for the summer
But she did, and she has surprised me and much more than me, B! She started off by December on how she wants to go when school closes, and we just kept telling her that we have to wait for the summer vacations. My parents also helped in making her understand that the next time they visit will be to take her along for her summer break.

B has been shocked at her independence and clear focus on what she wants. And he in fact doubted whether she understood what it means to be away from both of us. This being the first time she is away from both of us.

Makes us wonder if it is the age in which where she does not miss us, as long as being cared for and happy?

Or, is it the effect of day care and independence of thought and action which I have been persistently pushing?

With the awe and concern expressed by many, I am at the stage wherein I am left questioning why she does not miss us, but then I give myself one clench of my fist and tell myself, she is independent and does what she wants and needs, and I should be happy and thrilled about that.

I know there are certain attraction factors which are keeping her busy and if I think about it, it is truly very early to say how she will be through the month ahead, or how she will be at the end of the one month at my parent's place. In fact, I am happy she is creating some happy memories and associations for her summer vacations. I was speaking with some of my friends, and they were very supportive of how it is wonderful that I am doing this for her, and truly helping her enjoy her vacations rather than having her cooped up at day care or at home with nothing new to do and look forward to.

So at this point, I am looking at another week or two to pass and then decide how she is going to be ... but a part of me tells me she will be happy and well settled :)