August 7, 2013

3 days.

In 3 days, will be a milestone for me after a really long time.

Turning 30 is something which felt far away a few years back, and today it is right here.

I have been thinking what is it that I can do to keep this year special. When I came across Orange jammies Turning Five, Birthday giveaway, I felt this is what I would love to do to remember this year too. Last year, on my birthday I made a contribution to Save the Children and the year before that I made a contribution to CRY India. Those two contributions felt more of only a monetary help which I was extending, but this time I thought I would like to make the effort and do something different.

Shishu Mandir, was a children's home which I recently visited to drop off some of T's clothes, toys and other things. I was awed at the work they were doing and the one feeling which I got was the individuals involved with them were doing in true spirit and they deserve all the help they can get. So, for this birthday I have decided that I shall add Rs.100 for every comment on this post to a base amount which I have decided to contribute to them. And as its a children's home, I intend to coordinate with them and order a host of item which they need. This way I can ensure that they get it at the best possible rates and they get these items at the earliest. They are not located very centrally, so many items might prove difficult for them to procure elsewhere. Apart from all this, I think I would feel wonderful that I could do something rather than making another x amount contribution.

So, as I said, for every comment on this post till midnight (IST), August 10, 2013, I shall be contributing Rs. 100 to the kitty which shall go towards buying necessary items for Shishu Mandir.

Now, go ahead, leave that comment! Play your part :)