September 9, 2010


There are some days when you feel very low, and the reasons might be many.
For me, these are usually those days which
  1. are followed by many happy days
  2. follow, when  you are back from home and missing parents
  3. you read blog posts which brings a lump to your throat
  4. you do not want to sit and work cooped up in a seat staring at a computer screen, but have to
  5. you can not find anyone free to talk to for a while to make you feel better

September 2, 2010

Going on a holiday :)

I am going to be taking a holiday for 5 days and head out of Bangalore. I am so looking forward to it ! 

Visiting family at Trivandrum primarily and from there we have also managed to squeeze in a short visit to Kanyakumari with my parents. We are planning to go on Sunday and return by Monday evening, the distance between Trivandrum and Kanyakumari being just about 4 hours by road. This time around we are planning to do the quiet calm relaxing stay, and we have chosen to stay at the Vivekananda Lodge which has sea facing cottages and a private beach too. I even have a book which is perfect for this calm sea front. I am reading Watership Down by Richard Adams, its about a bunch of rabbits who run away from their burrow in light of an impending disaster. Its been very interesting to note their lives and I am hoping to finish it by the time I am back in Bangalore.

I have been to Kanyakumari before, blogged about it too, so there is nothing new for me as far as the place goes. B has not been there, so my parents thought, why not? I am hoping to sit by, relax and read. My recent gtalk status message has been " I want a vacation where I just swim, eat and drink." I have got the sea but where I can't swim as the current is too strong. I am not too sure how I would enjoy simple veg meals, at least that was not what I had in mind when I wrote that status message! And,  there shall be no drinks whatsoever, firstly being at the Vivekananda Lodge and secondly being a family trip! But, nevertheless with the way work has been going crazy and the transport situation driving me nuts, I am just glad to get away from Bangalore for a while. 

So, that means I have to come up with a vacation plan soon, which comprises of the three! And, the more I think of it, the perfect place is none other than Goa!