June 28, 2010

Mannequin Art

Fiberglass mannequins make the next art statement in NYC.

32 designers have been asked to each fashion a mannequin as they liked. Any theme, any fabric.The mannequins will be on display in the Garment District through September 3; after that, they'll be auctioned off and proceeds will benefit Materials for the Arts.

Click here to see the slide show of the mannequins on display on Garment District.

June 21, 2010

A woman of 13

Just met a woman who was married when she was 13, and was a mother at 14.

Where do things stand now?
  • She was advised by the doctors not have any more children due to an early childbirth.
  • She went on to study and work as a lawyer.
  • Her only daughter stays with her husband's parents, as they are the one's she is closest to and consider family.

I am not sure what I feel...

June 16, 2010

Bad luck, or maybe rotten

Its called bad luck, in fact rotten luck!

How many times is a bad thing if your boss finds you browsing through your personal mail/ Facebook?  I am not too sure, but I have been told twice, and he also added that he says it only every third time he spots me :( Now, that is certainly not good.

It is certainly not that I do not work, or I do not work hard. I plan my days, know what is expected of myself in a day and set to achieving it. But, I need my relaxations, and breaks, maybe quite a lot more than many others do. I usually keep thinking regarding my work as I might be browsing through Facebook, and in between I get back and jot down the thoughts which do cross my mind.

At times when I do think of it, I am not too sure that I like a work place which does not allow for some amount of personal place. Thankfully, my workplace is not that extreme, but maybe I am trying to push the limit a tad too much. Need to keep a check on my online activity.

Whats the situation at your work place?

June 4, 2010

How much is your soul worth?

I just did one such test, and I think this one is totally hilarious! 

The questions are real interesting too. Try it

My soul is worth $ 182,560 Soul Dollars

Whats the gender of your blog?

Here is my result
We guess http://vectorgaming.blogspot.com is written by a woman (56%), however it's quite gender neutral.