November 29, 2009

Ahhh... gifts!

Now, here comes the wedding and the wedding gifts! I have seen at all my cousin's weddings,where you get infinite items of no use, or if there are some items which you shall find some use for, then how many of the same item can you find uses for! So that leaves you with nothing to do but stack them all up safely into the loft and ensure that you remember to give it as gifts to well deserving people.

Now if I were to ask for some gifts, I think I would do a wonderful deal with it! In fact I thought of a wedding registry too, but the concept is so alien to India that I would just be wasting my time and with the end result being gifts stacked into said loft. In the search for so many things, I made a list of things which I wanted though alas, they shall not be featuring in any gift registry but shall just be my list to set up my home! 

A glass center table 

 and if you ask why glass and why not wood, I think my living room has loads of brown colour for it already to want anymore! 

Dining Table 

I love square dining tables, and I think they look very cool. No one is too far across the table and each person also has their own space to have a meal comfortably.

Bed - I thought alot whether you really need a King size bed! Wouldn't a queen do too? But one thing I do like is a headboard, and bedside tables, to make sure I can read whenever I want, propping a pillow up and turning the bedside lamp on. 

I feel this bed design makes it so much more easier to put the book aside and snuggle into bed too! And, its also got storage space! All in one!

Home theatre system

A Television could not wait, so we got that, and many times contemplated to get the home theatre system too but then, I guess it is never a good idea to rush into things.That non rushing attitude has dragged on till now, and here we are with as the best in the budget offer! 

We are big fans of sandwiches and we love to have a quick meal when we head back from a game of badminton, rather than have a full fledged meal. ( This is also beacuse I am lazy to cook, and sandwiches are 
filling, healthy and easy to make). 

I saw this lovely Morphy Richards sandwich maker. What more... they say they are the perfect gifts for your loved ones!

And now, since we are at Morphy Ricahards, I think I would love the Icon Essential Mixer Grinder too. And while we are at it, I think an Oven (OTG 18) would also be a good idea, but would I really do anything with it, maybe I can just wait and see. One can always console oneself with the idea, 'If I had it, I would have ....'

So now, lets exit the kitchen. I have been looking to get a wonderful bookshelf,some thing which I would just fall in love with on seeing. Neither have I seen something in real life like that, nor have I bought any bookshelf as yet. My quest continues, and here are some which I would positively love! 

And here are some swell magazine racks, I expecially liked the magazine baskets which are featured towards the end of the post. 

And it would be certainly lovely to get a home delivery surprise of this, this and this
And while we are at it... and if you are going to be Oh so generous... I shall be shameless and ask for this  too! ;)

There are also the lamps, rugs and vases which have been on my wishlist for long, and I guess a La -Z- boy  would also be very much welcome into our humble household!

November 26, 2009


Its been a year since Mumbai was under seige, and the citizens of this city rose up to fight and face danger bravely. We have not solved the mystery as to what happened at many points, and what went wrong to result in the bloodshed of 26/11.

Many might be responsible, far beyond those whose involvement have been brought to light. There are many to be held responsible for initiating and fuelling this terror attack, but not many of them have been brought under the noose of law. 

As we as a nation stand by Mumbaikars, we should be proud of the future Mumbai beholds. It has not fallen,as we have seen in the past year, but only risen and shall continue to rise in the coming years.

This is what Forbes says about Mumbai as the World Capital of the Future.

November 22, 2009

Akuri !!

Yesterday I read the Akuri recipe and saw mouth watering pictures on Hitchy's blog, so I knew I had to make some for Sunday brunch! And, thats exactly what I did. It came out yummy and I had it with a plain paratha!

And, since no photo post is complete for me without Whisky... here she comes!

November 21, 2009

A little bit of me

I am a very possessive person, in fact I have always been that way. I like to keep those close to me, literally close to me, and I shall always strive to ensure that I make every effort towards it. Today, B is off for a fun drinking boys night out, and I pushed him towards it ( well, maybe he wanted to a lot himself too). He was meeting these guys after almost 2 months and I was sure he would love to go. But, he also knows how I would be bored and sitting staring ( or writing blogs) when he is gone. I am so proud of myself that I did finally give that last push and he decided to go for the get together. I bet he will enjoy alot... I mean don't guys and booze just spell out E-N-J-O-Y-M-E-N-T !!

Another thing which I wanted to put out there, a project my brother is working on, its a travel mug with replacable inserts. I think its cool, but then I am not much of a travel mug person. The inserts are washable, and it looks like something I would use if I drove to work, I guess thats the only time I might want to carry some coffee with me. But.. me and driving to work... I am sure that B would love to see that, and he would be even more thrilled if I would drive him around! He says he finds women who drive their men around.. HOT, and I think thats a ploy to get me to drive him around in the name of practice and obv to be HOT! ;)

November 17, 2009

Repeat Telecast

Ok, tell me somthing, how many times would you watch a movie? I am not talking about the ones which are all time favourites and you own DVDs of.. and not the latest release where you have to see it with family and friends.. but I am talking about the movies which keep repeat telecasting on Star Movies, HBO, Zee Pix,Star Gold and the like. I am a Tata sky customer, and I am thoroughly bored of seeing the same movies being repeated. I am just wondering, how difficult is it for them to change their movie lineup at least once a month! I am paying them for each channel, and I think many people should also be doing so, then why not have a change of movies every month. I have seen the same movies for ever, and at times in consecutive months too.

Another suprising fact is, I know many who would not mind seeing these movies 'n' number of times, and this is not for any particular movie, its is just about for anything which shall be coming on the channels around 8 PM to 12 AM. I just can not see the same movie or even program more than once, or maybe twice. If I see its some movie which I have seen, I immediately switch to any other channel, my favourites being Nat Geo, Animal Planet, NDTV Good times and Discovery Travel & Living. In fact, today morning, I saw a program called In the Womb - Cats. The cat family is quite remarkable. They have ears which help them balance themselves and always fall on their feet when under free fall. Yes, even I was surprised that those small wisps played such a key role in ensuring their nine lives! And, I always used to wonder how they have any use for their whiskers, and now I found out. They use the whiskers, which almost coincide with the width of their body, to determine whether they can pass through small spaces. So you will always see a cat putting its head into a small place to see whether their body shall be able to squeeze through. And these whiskers are set a good three layers below the skin so they even sense very small movements in the air around them. Cats, we all know have an exceptional hearing capability, and they can even hear ultrasonic, like bats, which help both in hunting jerry ( mice)! So thats all about cats for now folks!

Ta da!

PS: I saw Ek Ajab prem ki Gazab kahani,and I must saw that I liked it! Many gave me mixed reviews, but I think if you are in a light mood, its a good movie..though Katrina Kaif should really not be acting for sure! She looked dumb,in fact pretty and dumb.. or was that how she was supposed to act? I don't know..was that acting? I loved her clothes though! They look affordable, most importantly... and I am looking to figure out where to get my hands on some of those pretty summerish dresses!

November 12, 2009

Bridal Pamper

Isn't it lovely to be pampered? I am totally loving the bride feeling! In fact, I am so thrilled that I am thinking of so many things which I would not have bothered to do else, but would love to do in this whole rush of things, and remember them forever.

I have been thinking of getting some nice spa treatments done, I am sure iI have never really taken care of hands, feet and hair the way it deserves to be... and now that they are all going to be subjected to so much pressure in the form light and chemicals and what not... so I thought why not pamper and coax it to act all well during those few precious hours. I have to get those photos to be smacking good, they have to remain for life and I do intend to keep a framed pic in the house! Have been on the look out for smashing spas to go indulge and came across Asian Woman and White Mantra. Then a new Naturals parlour and spa opened up near my house on Sarjapur road, so which had be totally inclined towards that. I really do not want to go all the way for some cleaning and preening and then travel in the dust and dirt of the city traffic. ( Or I could smaile and ask B to pick me up) Anyways, then I came across theBangalore Mobile Spa and I am so thrilled with their amazing concept! How cool is it that you sit and spoil yourself and then have to do no cleaning... no travelling... just get into bed and hit the snooze button!

I am not too much into the Bridal packages which these places offer, as the package rates are not that different from their normal prices and you also have to be with them for the entire duration of the package. I would love to try all these different spas actually, I think I am positively going crazy with all the spa webpage hopping and reading about the amazing stuff that they offer... Strawberry and Cucumber facials, Macadamia and Coconut body treatments!

So now lets move over from indulging spas to some indulging food :) This week I made some yummy salad with mushrooms, bell peppers, baby corn, chicken salami, fusili and topped with Ceaser dressing and shredded mozzarella. I must say (at the risk of blowing my own trumpet) this is one salad which I have had and I so wanted to make another round immediately and gobble it! Here is a pic of the same.

And today, I just made some Methi paneer; I went over to Simply Spicy and saw this lovely pic of Methi paneer, after which I rushed to get the ingredients and make it quickly for dinner... :) It has come out nice and its something which I have not had before so am gonna team it up with some Moong dal, rice and Kharkare :)