September 13, 2007

Someone put a very good question to me… is love an addiction? It is an interesting question which I thought over and then decided that it would be more sensible to answer two different questions, so as to say that this question can be interpreted in two different ways.

  1. Is the concept of love an addiction?
  2. Is the person whom you believe you love is your addiction?

The first question can give a possible answer as yes but then to be addicted to a person is not something which seems feasible to me. A person to be an addiction has to be under the constrain that he/she will have no change whatsoever, and they will remain the same. How can human beings remain the same over a period of time, they change with the surroundings and with the circumstances, so in that case, I believe that its not possible to have a person as your addiction. The only possible way this addiction can be termed as a person, is only considering that the person doesn't change with time, or else the person's character has nothing to contribute to the addiction. In the latter case, the addiction is not based on the person concerned, but only on the consideration that the person who wishes to be addicted is addicted irrespective of the nature of the person to whom he/she is addicted.

The concept of love being an addiction as per me is a feeling which is more realisable and that's a feeling which will be completely innate to a person and not dependent at all on someone else or their being at that instant. This will also show more truth in the love which is seen for people who have been dead for years, how their presence does not affect the ones who love them but just the feeling that prevailed during their existence follows through even when they are not there anymore.