September 17, 2008

Spiral Fussilli

Some things are about to change, and I am not sure what I perceive of them.

I feel at times at peace, but then at other times, very uneasy

I have conversations with my logical mind, regarding why and what and how this is a change to accept; following which I have musings with my heart and there I start to falter in my thought

When I think about what I had envisaged and what I further wish to see, I am confident, but thinking about the smaller things, a frown crops up

When I close my eyes to what is not in front of me, I am all smiles; but knowing not the road ahead is not not nice


  1. Things work out ... as long as you have a bigger plan, the small creases get ironed out. Start applying, hope for the best and prepare for the worst

  2. de ja vu for me... its come all so on my face...

  3. I second Sumit's view.

    Hey is that a cat? do u love cats too?

    P.S. I use this id to comment on blogspot but i m to be found on wordpress.


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