September 14, 2008

On Route to Tirupati

Now thats how we started the trip, with lunch at this shack; I believe this will truly define the word!

There are some truly nice places with some great stone formations/shapes around here

Well most of these hills and stones are almost being removed/quarried away for mordernization. I am not too sure what good will it be at the end. I am sure that so much of area for a petrol pump is not required for sure!

I liked this pic the most, maybe the bird and the sun on this cloudy afternoon!

Now thats what I call a very nice pic of a real cloudy afternoon. (I know real amateur)


  1. Nice ... let me know how tirupati is when you get there

  2. I went over early August, it was real crowded but then a good visit which I guess anyone can make once.

    We even went to this temple another 60 kms off Tirupati, called Kalahasti. That has a well where Lord Ganesha was said to have hidden once.


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