September 22, 2008

Confusion zone

Many say the divide has narrowed with regard to gender in India, at least some so believe when we talk about metros. I certainly am not sure if that is the case, in case of metros even.

Here are some things which I could think of without pausing for over a few seconds between these thoughts

  • Do we have parents ever saying that boys should not return to the house late? But I am sure that even under safe surroundings, unless with parents or family, girls are never unquestioned regarding a long night out partying!

  • Any choice which a girl has to make is always with associated pressures, which the boys are not faced with. You need to go far from home to work, in most cased, if not parents, someone is sure to bring up the question, " W dont you look for a job here ? " I do not understand, why is it such a big relief to have the girls all rooted to where the parents are!

  • Another aspect which I have recently seen is that, when a guy comes along and says, I am keen on marrying so and so girl, and I would like you to meet her, there is some resistance, some please note! Once the guy says that I think this is what I want to do, there is nothing more said. On the contrary a girl walks up and says that please meet this guy, I would like to marry him, there is a long list of facts and insights the girl is given about the problems, difficulties and possible outcomes all pre-decided by parents and relatives! If none of this is seen to deter her from her path, then you have the full throttle emotional blackmail route!

That is a lot of fairness at home, forgetting the world in general for a second!

Well you can certainly wish to counter that girls are at least allowed to leave the house ( 1st instance), to work at all ( 2nd case) and to speak of a choice in marriage ( 3rd case). I guess, here I was necessarily speaking of a metro and with some openness of thought.

I think many parents are stuck in a warp zone, with mixed thoughts and reasons( which necessarily need not make sense)! I am not sure if that is anyone's fault either.

Its just a state of Confusion!


  1. Ur points are so true! Check out my experience

  2. utter confusion I might add!!! Growing up I faced the same set of questions for all three instances.

    The pity is I am STILL questioned by my dad about my whereabouts! Even though I am a journalist and have to move about quite a bit, he makes sure he calls me to tell me I should cut down the "roaming". Incredulous!!!!


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