September 7, 2008


Now my Pune trip is canceled and I have nothing to look forward to. I am so bored that if anyone is willing to come with me, I am just ready to take the bus to anyplace within the 300 km radius around Bangalore... you see I have usually just a day to travel in a week where as the rest of the time I do the other chores of the world.

You know, there are those innumerable times when you so wish you want to do something, then you voice the very fact that you want to do this so so bad, and then what happens... the whole idea just collapses. I have had so many occasions where this happens that now I am so irritated with even thinking that I want to do anything. Things just never ever seem to happen :( It is so disappointing. Be it a small thing or a big thing, things just never ever happen to take place when I want them to.. in fact they decide to happen never. I have been wanting to step outside this city and in the past one year it has never ever happened:( All I do everyday is what I did the previous day, in fact I feel like revolting now!


  1. Oh :( I'm so sorry.
    It seems immensely frustrating. But why do things never happen? Is it because your life gets in the way, other people's lives, you're counting on someone to make you company? Why? Perhaps the reasons should be analysed so you can move on. :)

  2. Well... in the last minute, something popped up and now I wont be able to make it to Pune :( I was looking forward for the break really.

    At times I feel I am looking for company to travel and that's where the issue comes, somehow its very difficult to find people who happen to have the same days free as you do :(

    As you said, maybe I need to make a foolproof structure to ensure that all my plans don't land up getting canceled.

  3. That will certainly be hard to achieve but you can try :)


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