March 5, 2014

Book Review: And the mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini

This was a book which I bought way back, practically when it was released and then I never got around to reading it. Things just kept piling up on my plate, and this poor soul got shoved deeper and deeper under.

Recently, I did get around to finishing it, and I must say that the book proved to be something I will certainly recommend but, I will also tell you that it is a little slow in between and can leave you overwhelmed with information and tit bits from all over the globe! Its wonderful in a dreamy sort of way, with the story panning between Afghanistan, United States and France, over generations. How the past can haunt you through messengers.

Having said that, I did think that it took a while to get into groove, and took me a while to place the timelines to the different chapters. There was a wee bit of confusion, but that for me, only adds to the fun.

There is not too much about the places, but more about the people from these different places, and how they perceive life to be. What they expect from life... It made me realize again why there is such a huge difference between the way we do things and how our parents would have done or handled similar situations. It talks about human emotions and builds on them. It shows how and where people compromise, to keep others happy, and to achieve their means.

While closing this book, I was in a very pensive mood, thinking about family and wondering what are the compromises done for me to see where I am today. It certainly leaves you in a subdued mood. But, you must read it to experience that!

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  1. the first few lines of your review are something that I want to say DITTO :) bought it long back and still waiting to be read,sigh!

    Your review reminds me of the book and tells me to pick it up like now :)

  2. really wanna read this book .. nice post :)


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