November 11, 2013

Sad but true...

Toddler blocks
Free play
 Yesterday, T came up with ' I don't like you amma', while sitting at a restaurant and I was trying to feed her dinner. This was a new place where we had gone and they had no high chair and hence no crayons/paper for the kid to be kept occupied. She was already irritated with the cooped up on the couch situation and there, I was trying to feed her and keep her distracted from the fact that I was trying to feed her with songs, pointing out obscure things which might or might not have been there. When T came up with ' I don't like amma, I want to go to papa', I dismissed it as the usual toddler fare and that she was just trying to get out of the feeding part. But, yes, it did in someway stay with me, and I thought about it after she was in bed last night.

Am I being a little too protective? B, certainly feels so, and he has made it clear umpteen times, that I am not allowing her to make mistakes. *sigh

But, how do I? Isn't she too young to try out stuff? Well, maybe this is why even when kids become bigger, parents just do not let their kids go. And, I have always been so so against it, and I really do not need to see myself going down that path. It is really time to change.

I aim to help her only where dangerous things are involved, like walking near traffic areas, kitchen where things might be hot etc. Essentially, I shall be looking at letting her do what she wants without interfering and will try really hard not to get involved in the daily stuff which she does.

There really doesn't need to be a right way to do everything. This is something which I need to imbibe. Really important.


  1. Its tough and a very fine line, and it is a life long dilemma, long as she is aware that you love her and will be there, no matte what, they will be alright... I guess

    1. I have no idea how I shall step back from a 2.5yr old toddler, but I need to. She needs to start doing things and looking at me when she needs help.

  2. Oh! I know how it can hit.
    Probably both you and your hubby can chalk out the line for different every day situations.

    1. We need it. This parenting thing is getting tougher by every few months!

  3. I can understand! Sometimes, we are only doing what we feel is best for the child, but it may be constricting for them. And kids just say it very casually and emphatically that they don't like one parent but love another more. It is never really said seriously especially when they are so young. Every time you feel you are going overboard, take a step back and observe. At this young age, it is certainly better to be more cautious around her.

  4. I guess its a challenge for all parents... we still find it difficult to let my son go out when it involves crossing roads... and he is 9, recently we visited a cousin whose son was 10 and they were so cool about letting him go wherever he wanted that we got a SHOCK!

    I guess the fact that you are so aware will ensure things fall in place, sooner or later...


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