November 7, 2013

Helpless days

Come Diwali, and there goes the maid!

This is something I had posted on Facebook beginning of the week, and I had so many folks agreeing with me and sharing my plight.

I have been completely on a helpless phase the last week. At times I wonder if it was not for the cooking and cleaning which has to be done, I could pretty much manage on my own. I am not saying that I shall not do the above mentioned household duties, but do it spaced out through the week and still manage a half decent looking place by the weekend. When there is a help, then it comes to wanting everything and then the demands also increase. When there is no help, things are more manageable and more planned. I felt that this last week I, myself was also more upbeat and planning things and ticking of the done activities in my head. This did really help in having a clear idea and it certainly did mean less forgetting.

Given this, would I want to go without a help always? I think I prefer it when the help is involved in more basic activities and the rest I manage. This in a way makes me feel more in control. Maybe a control freak? I do not know. Without a help at all? That would be very difficult, and I think disastrous for my back. I hate washing dishes, so maybe if there was a constant help source ;).... then I might even consider that. For that, there has to be a different lifestyle all together. The home has to take almost half a day of two individuals time, then alone can it be worked out without a help. And, I really do think it is possible, it is not that difficult.

Anyhow, let me keep my fingers crossed for the next week and some luck to come my way by then.


  1. Totally agree Aathira. The day my maid was absent, my house was more organized and so was I. But yeah, not having a maid at all would be too difficult with a toddler around. Best of luck for the upcoming days and hope your maid is back soon :-)

  2. I hear you! I definitely prefer some help especially with washing utensils and doing sweeping and mopping. Else, I would not get time for anything else.


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