July 17, 2013


Over a month since I have managed to come here. In fact, there have been many instances I came here, looked about and then decided to not write anything.

 I am not too sure. 

There have been so many thoughts in my head and being in the process of sorting them, understanding and accepting them is taking a fair bit of time. Time which has been seeing many ups and downs, many iterations, many misunderstandings, and me, trying to settle down and accept.

Some might call it facts of life, and others might call it a part of growing up. It does not help that I shall be turning 30 in less than a month and somehow this maturity absurdity is being forced upon me right about now!

Would it have been better in a different setting?
I doubt it.
Some things are just not done.

Or, maybe I am just making assumptions.


  1. I have two friends, Life and Will. Life is beautiful but if you fantasize her she pus you in a spot which you dislike. Will is not so beautiful but helps you fight what you dislike. My problem is i wanna be friends with both :)


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