July 25, 2013

Why I love to travel.

Going to a new places has a charm right from the point of research to planning, and if it is a road trip, charting out the route too. These are some of the activities which I love to immerse myself in. In fact, there was a time when I wanted to go to Pondicherry and Goa so badly that I just researched and made a Must see places list for both these places. I visited these places maybe a year after my research, but the research in itself does give me so much satisfaction.

Does this mean that I would not like to go to any place more than once?
I am not sure I would be so excited about going to that place, at least not the way I would if it had been my first trip.
I am the kind of travel fanatic who watches just National Geographic, Animal Planet and TLC. If the television is switched on, it has to be one of these channels, and if I am the only person who is watching a program.Usually not too many people want to watch these channels and hence its just me and T who watch these channels at home. It has come to it that now she asks to see elephants and that would mean that she wants to watch some television. I do not know if that is a good thing, but atleast I console myself that she is not asking for any cartoon.

Recently I have been doing a bit of research on Egypt. It started off on a writing assignment and then it just went on from there. I just could not stop myself from reading and reading. There is the but obvious history attached to the country and the great Egyptian civilization, but there is something else which caught my attention. This was the immense flora and fauna which exists about the river Nile. The longest river in the world. The Nile flows through Rwanda, Tanzania,Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi and Egypt. The way this river flows through one of the harshest, hottest deserts in the world is truly fascinating. And this river never dries up. It might be marshy, wild, slow and meandering, but never dry. That is the Nile. This is all the research and a program which I saw recently on National Geographic about Africa. This is truly one of the most undiscovered continents in the world. It is a completely different world and this is one thing I realized when I went to Kenya. ( Here are the travelogues) I wish to go and go see the Nile one day. It would truly be a great sight.


  1. I can so so relate to what u have written. Infact, I have been busy researching for a few days now about Nellore because a friend is getting married there at the end of next month and we would love to see a few places around too :)

  2. Let us plan that trip together.. we need to do a trip together..


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