December 5, 2012

Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

Being a huge fan of historic fiction, when I came upon this title I was sure this was going to be on my to-read list. I finally got down to reading it only recently after the second in the series was also released.

A fictionalized account of a God was not something I was expecting, though I did know it was called the Shiva Trilogy. On starting the book, I was drawn in by the setting and how the whole scenario was different from what you would expect in the God times. The thought which was put into creating the setting was real nice. In fact it gave me a feeling similar to when I read the very first book in the Harry Potter series.

Through the chapters, the story unfolds beautifully and Shiva is seen to be a man who has been deemed God through superstition, and a man who is constantly trying to live up to expectations. The concept of their society and how they kept crime and violence at bay was interesting, even though it does not do justice.

One of the flaws which I felt on reading the book was that some details were just merely grazed upon and I felt that it was not done justice. The description of the Nagas and their method of operation, I felt that this was not described to its full potential. It might be because he was saving it for the next books in the series. I have to read them to find out. Another aspect which I felt was not dealt with well, was the war in itself. It was not clearly described and personally, I had to re-read to get the flow right.

Nevertheless, the story was captivating and the characters were varying which had me hooked. I liked how he created some smaller characters within the army who had different equations with him and how these relationships drive history.

A good read, though not something which you would say is a literary take, will surely keep you rooted in the story till the last page. 

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  1. It is just lying on my shelf..have to read it.


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