December 20, 2012

Book Review: Secret of the Nagas by Amish Tripathi

On finishing the Immortals of Meluha, I was set on reading The Secret of the Nagas also as soon as possible. In fact after being through about two-thirds of  Immortals of Meluha, I was so interested in the story line  that I ordered the second part while reading the Part 1 of the trilogy. And now I am looking forward to the third part to complete the saga. I think it would be interesting to see how he will be incorporating the Vayuputras in this battle against the evil. There is so much one has heard about mythology, and here we are taken to a completely different age where our beliefs are completely contrary to the ways of the times.

One of the main criticism which I have read in various reviews is that the language suddenly has become laboured and it does not seem natural. As I started reading the book looking for all these difficult words, I must say, I did not find any words difficult nor did I think that the words seemed to be injected into the text. They did not seem to be not needed in the context or out of place.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and how he opened the doors to the Naga world. How prejudice is faced by many and one could see the analogies which could be drawn in today's world too. The breadth and length of India he has covered in his pages are also worth mentioning, and his descriptions of the Sundarbans and the dangers which lurk in their depths are very commendable. I must add that without reading the first part, one can not understand this and will be a completely wasteful experience. It is truly a sequel and must be read as one.

And, this is my 400th post! I can not believe that I have come such a long way from the early 2007 when I started this blog.

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