February 14, 2012

I want ...

This is something which my mind keeps telling me many a times but more often than not, I never ever do anything about these wants. If I go on to think of all those things which I would have wanted and immediately got, I think I would have a real truck load of stuff which I can call my own. But, the truth is, I just have many things which were given to me, or the stuff which I have contemplated over months and then decided to get something which is slightly a different variant, as that was cheaper. So, you do get the drift, I find it very difficult to buy anything as I feel that the money can always be put into better use. And this is why I totally love it when people gift me things on and off. There are always a great list of things which I want, and I know that I would never ever go ahead and get these things how much ever I want it.

The reason behind not getting these things which I want is not necessarily the monetary aspect alone, but many a times I do convince myself that I do not need the item in question. And then some other time, this cycle of wanting and convincing again repeats. After many such cycles, which might pan over months is when I actually do get something, and that too the lesser variant of my want. And if this item to be bought has someone else's approval also involved, then it is bound to only take on a longer course!

Another thing which I have realized over the years is that everyone loves to receive a gift which usually is a luxury item and of not of dire need. If it was of true need, I am sure we would have realized that and got the item. So, something which I am going to do from now on is, I shall be gifting things which I know someone might not necessarily buy themselves, simple because they do not see the item to be of need, but simply good / a joy to have. Another something which I have noticed is that when its an item of need, there are many specifications which are associated with such stuff and then buying such an item as a gift requires a good skill and I for one have experienced the complete if not over and above lack of this particular skill. I do hope that I shall have better luck when it comes to the luxury segment!

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  1. Everyone loves gifts and a thoughtful gift -- nothing like it.

  2. totally agree with the gift part. ANd hey hey hey My birthdya is in Nov. :) he he he he

    take care and keep gifting and putting a smile on those who get them ..


  3. Oh I love giving and receiving gifts :)


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