February 2, 2012

The Reluctant Detective by Kiran Manral

The Reluctant Detective by Kiran Manral is the book for one looking to have a laugh, in fact many many laughs and also to see life through the eyes of a multitasking, sharp social woman on the look out for some gossip in the city of Mumbai, and by the end of it all she becomes reluctant to play sleuthing though it does look like a very promising career option.

What is is about?

Kay Mehra has a fast paced life with shopping trips, jogging at insane morning hours, cooks and maids at each others throats, TV actors and society friends along with a spouse and kid. When murders hit the otherwise normal day routine, playing detective seems to be the best new addition to the task list for the day. Through the book one wonders, with so close associations with two murders, does Kay have more in relation with the murders than what is seen. Or maybe she is just at the right places at the right time. With very important social events to attend and celebrities to meet, like any woman, wardrobe tends to let one down. Her son is also lovely, who makes small but hilarious contributions to his mom's dressing up parade.

Why I liked it?

I enjoyed the book for many reasons. For one, I loved the cover, a stiletto does have a very powerful attractive power, especially on book covers! Once you open the book and start on it, the story builds, characters start to actually talk, and in a way I could imagine people around me in a similar character build. It is a book with many characters who even you might come across in your day. As for the story, the smaller details worked wonders where as the plot moved interspersed with these small anecdotes which lightens matters, which is otherwise a grim subject, MURDER.


  1. I have read some very good reviews about this book.. all the best to Kiran.


  2. I am yet to read it..will read soon!


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