March 16, 2011

A deep breath

This is not a grave post, but in a slight dip right now. 

There are sudden unforeseen changes which come about in one's lives, and I think it is best to take it in one's stride. There are some things which needs to be done, and might not be the greatest thing which you would like, but I guess it will be the best deal in times to come. Even when the human heart understands all this, it still has a tendency to feel low in view of the impending change. I wonder why … 

Changes are said always for the good, and the changes which one chooses themselves, should be of that nature certainly, at least so I believe. Getting out of the comfort zone, and moving into new places, adjusting is something we as human beings try to avoid to the last minute. But, nevertheless, maybe when you do look back, things might be better as they have happened. 

I am not sure whether this made any sense… but just thoughts which crossed my mind at present.


  1. This did make sense. I could so relate.
    Hang in there. This too shall pass.

  2. ... and take some more deep breaths. The baby itself will bring on a HUGE change in your life, and if there are some more that you are anticipating then All the Best to you!!

  3. Yes, it indeed happens. Change can frustrate or sometimes, some days are just not swift. Better days are just around the corner.


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