March 4, 2011

Day 28 - Mugappu

Mugappu is a structure which is seen quite commonly in traditional Kerala houses. It is a triangular shaped structure which is placed at the entrance to the house high on the roof. Please have a look at this picture too.

This mugappu here is an antique piece which is made of wood and with intricate carvings. 


  1. beautiful... I so love the kerala homes.. recreating one is now sooo money draining huh

  2. This is amazing ! Had never heard of or seen something like this before .. where did you click this one ?

  3. @Meena: I completely agree... they are so wood intensive... and in a way I guess not good too for the present situation of Mother Earth

    @Priyam: Padmanabhapuram Palace.. en route to Kanyakumari.. Kerala - Tamil Nadu border


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