July 8, 2009

Planting time

The rains are here and I am so proud of the plants which I have suceeded in not killing.

I germinated 3 out of the 5 I have there right now. I do not know what the white flowers are called, I have tried googling it and asking people, but no one seems to know the name.

The ones that I have germinated are the croton and a verbena. I am posting some pictures.. the new saplings have been transplanted into new pots (and with a little extra water, hoping that dries up by tomorrow).


  1. Ah, nice little garden. The white flowers are called Sadaphuli (सदाफुली) in Marathi and from the Vinca class of flowers, I don't know the exact English name.

  2. Ah pretty white flowers - they look so pure and clean, don't they?
    Good job on your plants!

  3. Lol@ did not kill them! :P

    they look hale n hearty!!! :D
    ah, those white flowers are in abundance in my aunt's garden back in kerala!


    now i agree with reema....we want a whisky snap...the sweetie!!! :D

  4. We have pink flowers of that same kind in our garden at my house.. "barmasi" is what we call it in gujarati meaning they flower 12 monthss a year... !! what do you call it ?

  5. lovely it gives a pleasure to see them grow

    and the last one is called sadabhar in hindi dont know otherwise

  6. Your plants look very nice.
    I had a few plants before, which I had to give away when we moved :(

  7. Beautiful! Congrats on the efforts :) I have a new website now (http://kirantarun.com). Please update your feed and bookmarks :)


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