March 2, 2009

Shopping & Gardening & Cooking

I have a few interspersed thoughts in my head about many things, like shopping, gardening, cooking etc. So here goes about the all and some of these thoughts.

I thought that I would go and get some stuff as I always seem to be getting bored of clothes. I visited AND, being recommended highly by a friend but was quite disappointed at the collection that was on display at their Bangalore outlet. I expected much more considering they claim to be a working woman’s design wear. In fact the reason I was more shocked was that I seemed to be finding a wider variety at W, even in their Indo-western wear section. I found an interesting range of stuff at Pantaloon, and something I noticed is that Lifestyle and Pantaloon chain of stores seem to house some other apparel brands, which might not have else drawn buyers as they do now through these stores. And in both cases, their in-house brands are not strong in their style that the stores can sustain on just these and the lesser known brands are only helping to increase their footfall.

Have you heard of anyone who is capable of killing a green simple leafy plant called a money plant? I think I am on my way to achieving just that! A friend got the above said soul carefully for me, and I dutifully kept in it water for a few days and then shifted it into a pot mixed with soil and manure. After that for some reason, the plant has only shrivelled up, and after waiting and hoping for two days that it shall decide to resurrect itself, I decided its time I did something. So took out the plant from the soil and put it back into the glass containing water and there it stands now. I am not sure if it is dead, dying, hoping to live or worse standing still! Can someone please tell me what is it that I did wrong?

Oh, and also there were so many ants which seem to love the moist soil of the pot where I planted this sapling.

Cooking has been one of those things which I do when time permits and the mood pleases or the mind craves for something very specific. And when I start to cook, I like to make something slightly out of the normal or else something which looks pretty at the end of it. At times I very strongly think I should stick to all those crafty and artsy things and not venture into cooking, but invariably I do slowly trod in and then when the end result is not as pretty as I would want it to be I lose heart. I love to make pasta and Chinese precisely for this very reason! :) They look wonderful after being cooked. I personally do not find vegetables very appealing after cooking it too much such that it loses the natural glow and becomes really coated with masala. Well, the natural glow of vegetables would be best appreciated in salads and speaking of which I have bottle of ranch dressing waiting to be used! Maybe even the grill should be used to have filling, healthy meals.

And, to start and finish all that I hope to do, I need time, and I do not even get a good long weekend. I work 6 days a week, I do not even get a 2 day weekend! :(


  1. @ gardening: ants?! are they white n red? they infested my poor hibiscus sapling, apparently took out the mud slowly, i found a heap of it outside the pot!

    @ cooking: me loves pasta too! (mostly in white sauce)

    @ weekend: i hope u have a better one comin up!! :D

  2. craftyshines: They are small white ants, I am using some neem powder which is harmless for the plant, but keeps the ants away. My one sapling seems to be surviving!

    I am gonna make some pasta in white sauce tommor for dinner!

  3. I too find that veggies look best in salads or in Pasta. Now it's almost luch time I feel like some pasta...

    I don't like Pantaloon and Lifestyle maybe because they seem to have too many pieces of each kind... I like Wills Lifestyle and Fabindia...

    But love buying kitchen things from Lifestyle :)


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