March 5, 2009


I just acme across this article!

I am just plain shocked. How can someone deny the right to health now!
Would she have made a mother at all?

And worse she was raped! How can one say that she needs to go ahead with the pregnancy, when she never wanted it in the first place!

I am nevertheless glad that they have some matters which the law can still intervene on!


  1. thats ridiculous... seriously, whats going on ? Is the whole world turning back towards the medevial ages again ?

  2. unfortunately the world is turning backwards....:( any religion for that matter

  3. I am still in shock reading 9 yr old pregnant with twins. Didn't go further.


  4. law of god indeed!!!! i wonder what's the punishment in store for the rapist acc to "the law of god" will it be bigger than the trauma that child had to face at such a tender age?!
    :( what a pitiful world we live in

  5. Dr Roshan, Ordinary Guy: Truly my thought

    Solilo: It was really shocking!

    craftyshines: Seriously. Why does all these religious issues always crop up when there is a pregnancy involved. People who are living, breathing and suffering are not helped, and they want to help and plead the case for an unborn baby.

    Every child is aborted if the child is posing a threat to the mother. I feel that should be applicable here also.


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