March 3, 2009

Holding Hands

Ordinary guy tagged me to pen down my thoughts on "Holding Hands". Here goes... in the spirit of the day and the fights that we are fighting today, I take up many mixed emotions.

When I think of holding hands now, there are many things which come to my mind.
  1. A parent holding a child's hand while walking on the street. The parent gives the courage to the child, that come what may, I will not let anything happen to you. You see children dancing up and down the pavement, their hand safely tucked into a big warm safe hand, always holding them tight and preventing any fall.
  2. A couple holding hands across a dinner table. A longing gaze, a gentle squeeze, two glasses wine and bouquet of dreams in between.
  3. Family meeting at the airport and walking out hand in hand. Hearts warm with love for the returned one, and all the same for the family being back together.
  4. Kindergarden children playing Ring-a ring-a roses in the school ground. The fun and frolic of jumping and falling, and singing and dancing.
  5. World holding hands in prayer to victims of all wrong doings. A gesture shown by lighting candles, peaceful protests, petitions signed and much more.
I do not know if there is any one of the above which are more important or less. There is a feeling which is associated with each of them and on thinking further all these thoughts boil down to love and courage. Or maybe love giving way to courage.

On the other side, there are also many things which I feel if people extend a hand, hold hands and fight, things might change for the better. We need so many protests and far more changes, and we can achieve this if we hold our hands, imparting courage to each other and striving ahead for what we believe.

Now, as this is a tag, I think I should pass it on, but it is always better if those who would like to write a few lines on this pick it up. So, go on... " Holding Hands" !


  1. beautifully done aathira....
    I liked all your points especially the point 5.....

    Thanks for doing it perfectly

  2. u know ... holding hands ... with ur special other ... is like feeling his heart beat ... i dunno how it is ... but that warmth and love is sort of conducted through to each other through those holded hands.

    also, when walking outside, i feel taken care of by him.

    i like what you wrote. :)

  3. Ordinary Guy: Thank you for the tag!

    roop: Completely true. The feeling of holding hands and walking is amazing. Thank you!

  4. I loved your take on this tag, the first one is really touching, we see this endearing sight all the time ... you have described it so well!

    The fifth one touched a special chord, we really need this today, more than ever ...

  5. "bouquet of dreams in between"
    That stole my heart! u put such great derivations of Holding Hands! :)
    just had my best friend move abroad, am still recovering. So here goes: Best friends holding hands, keeping each other safe n firm on the ground, no matter how windy the weather"

  6. Aathira, Simple words yet beautifully said. I love this tag and the more I read it about others' take on the same, every time there si something special about it.

    Those toddlers in preschool are so innocent when they hold hands and go Ring-a-ring-a. How I wish life was that beautiful and people had same thoughts even after growing up.

  7. Oh I agree with craftyshines, the bouquet of dreams is such a wonderful concept :)
    But all the other images were really nice and poetic.

  8. IHM: Thank you!

    craftyshines: Very true abou best friends, that is another wonderful take on Holding Hands.

    final_transit: Thanks

    Solilo: When wrote the like about Ring-a ring-a roses, I was imagining so many small girls running about in their skirts! And all such things which have been taken for granted are being questioned by all. I at times fear, if these goons next start attacking small school girls, they are not even strong enough to put such things in the past. They will be scarred for life!

    Devil Mood: Thank you so much!


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