August 6, 2007

Pink Vs Blue

I was just thinking... lately with the advent of metro sexuality and the modern man, how the standardized color sense of the years have been changed. It’s now that if you can’t carry off the pink and purple, then you are no way modern, the whites, creams and blues are considered colors of the old man and bold is young. When did this change come about? When have the color scheme changed? Well if you look at it at times, when has there been any restriction on the colors which a woman should wear? I don’t ever remember that in fact, that brings us to the age old question of inequality between men and women and as far as to my knowledge i think this has been certainly in the favor of women for once :)

How does color get aligned with a particular sex? Does it have any link to the inner aspect of the sex? A pastel color shows a soft soothing nature and does this have anything to do with its links to the female race? This is what I have come to believe...after careful speculation, the colors are based on the general feel the exude and hence the more pastel shades are attributed to women. But in case we see a man wearing a pink shirt and shouting very angrily, it’s not something which we will see as out of place, the color is something which is so superficial that once our eyes get used to it then where will there be any time/space in our heads to associate the color with the personality. Hence I guess a pink or blue shows nothing for a man or a woman, and if they did, white should surely mean that the person would have nothing to say regarding anything and h/she is as placid as the colour!

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