August 20, 2007

Job ?

I have been just thinking off late what does it mean to say that you are happy in a job... (request you to not consider the fact that I am unhappy or something like that)... I am totally happy with my job... and I think I couldn't have got something better to do. When I say that I am enjoying my job I feel that maybe I am speaking too early... am I just judging the days/months/years ahead based on mere 40 days? But then the fact that there has been not a day when I felt that I should have been somewhere else... should count much more than the number of days right? I am guessing that it should :) and I have pretty strong inkling that I shall come to know whether this is true or not quite soon !

I know so many people who say that with time things happen to change and then the very same things which were the best to you might just become the usual and once that happens then will things remain the same? Somehow I have a strong feeling that for many this will translate to many issues which you might face in life... then how does this specifically say anything about a job? (this is a valid statement for almost any relationship which you might come across)... be it with friends, an item or else even with a place... I am certain that some places eventually lose out the charm with the years too. And this is usually seen to happen when things seem stagnant...which leads me to believe that it is more dependent on whether you want to have a life/job which is truly dynamic or you are satisfied with a static one?

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