January 3, 2013

This year

The past three days I have been thinking of the year which has passed and how it has been. What did I really achieve in 2012, and how did my year pass through so quickly. Frankly speaking, I do not really remember doing many things which I will remember in this past year. Baking classes with Monika from Sinamon, T's first birthday bash, my attempts at cakes through the year and also my attempt at gyming. That is all that happened this year.

What is it that I want to do this coming year? I would not like to call these my resolutions but these are things which I want so that I will feel at the end of this year that I have done something worthwhile.

Gyming has been working and not working for me in a way. I enjoyed the time I spent there and I liked the fact that I could do much more than what I had anticipated. But now I think I want to do the workouts as per my wish. I do not want to just squeeze doing everything in the hour that I spend there. The trainers seem to have pretty much the same attitude to every person who comes there. They aim at just getting the person to put in lots of hours into cardio and hence just lose weight and do basic muscle building work. I know that I need to lose weight, and the last 2 months of no gym , and my body has had it! Too much travel only adds to the woes.

Apart from the exercise in any form, what I want to incorporate into my lifestyle is better eating habits. My penchant for the fried and hence tasty is where my health goes for a toss. I have tried innumerable times to get off these things and have succeeded to varying degrees. Another concept which I need to get rid of is that this is the year I am going to hit 30 and hence what worked diet wise when I was 21 would not really work now. I have to accept that and start understanding what I should be eating and what not. Small quantities is what I need to emphasize on.

Getting back into an occupation is what I wish to do this year. There will be T's school and juggling that with home, I need to get the hours which I want to get myself into a work life routine. In fact I want my days to be jam packed and I do not want to sit on the couch with nothing specific lined for the day. I need to get myself into something and I want that to be something lasting. This is something I aim to attempt this year around. I think with the way things have been with T and home, now is the time I will be able to venture into something like this.


  1. Gud luck Aathira :) And wishing u a happy and healthy 2013!

  2. God luck and wish you lot of satisfactory and proud moments in 2013 :)


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