December 13, 2010

Eons later

Its truly been ages since I have been on my blog, and even longer since I visited any of the blogs which I have been regularly reading. Why? There has been so much happening, so much travelling, and all clubbed together, I have been just too busy the past 1.5 months to do any blog hopping/ reading. I went to Delhi, then Calcutta, and now will be going to Delhi and Goa in the coming weeks. 

So the main update is I am currently unemployed, and I do not seem to mind it at all, a break which I have been wanting, and I guess as of now, with my health situation, its a good thing. There has been a revelation to B and me, and that is that I am expecting, and the best part was I found out at 4 months. Do not ask me how I managed to let something so big slip by unnoticed, but I did! So now, I want to just relax, be at home, help B with work, and keep myself occupied doing tit bits of what I wish to. 

Calcutta trip was amazing, and that requires a post of its own, and our anniversary Goa trip might just be clubbed with it. :) 


  1. wow, Congratulations! Take it cool and easy, and enjoy all the pampering! Best wishes to you.

  2. Congrats....OMG 4 months..too long..hope u havent taken any medicines during this period..if so just convey the medicines u had taken to your gynae...take care..

  3. So, you're moving to the next phase in life. Many Congratulations!

  4. Whoa!!

    How did I miss this?!?

    Congratulations babe. I hope you have a healthy & safe pregnancy :)

  5. OMG! Hw did I miss this post of all things! Congratulations and have a nice time and take care :)
    Waiting for the travel posts :)

  6. Congratulations, Aathira!!!

    And take good care! And you know what this means?

    I'll be taking your address few months later, to send you some crochet booties!!!!!!!



  7. @Rachna, Sunder, Dee, Anurag: Thank you so much :)

    @Swaram: Travel posts coming up

    @Crafty: I am myself planning to learn crochet next month onwards... any sites you would recommend for baby patterns?


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