February 13, 2009

Wildlife at Ranthambhor

I visited Ranthambhor during the month of January. The day was beautiful, sunny but not hot and the drive from Jaipur was fun. The state highway from Jaipur is in a very bad condition and the National Highway in between is truly something deserving a sigh of relief.

Anyways, once on reaching Ranthambhor, we realize that we have reached late and we need to go to the park and the fort ourselves as the last safari is out by 4 pm. So we got the pollution license checked at the entrance of the park and proceeded to see what all we could.

What we saw?

We saw: Peacocks, sambhars, spotted deers, langurs, a nilgai and some small species of colourful birds. We did not get to see the famous tigers of Ranthambhor as we were not allowed to venture into the forest unless with forest officials.

The park is beautiful with the greenery and the old broken remains of the forts offering the animals more than enough space away from the crowds. The fort in itself is quite run down and offer very little to see except for the forest which is seen in its vast expanse all round, once one climbs to the top. Numerous guides and hawkers all round this area make it all the more touristy!

Here are some pictures of the park, fort, animals and more.


  1. i miss india

    and at the same time, i don't cuz i got sick there! and still struggling with it!! :(

    i still haven't unpacked my india bags y'kno. i tried yestrday and got upset cuz i got sick there! hehe and kicked the bags and walked out of room. :P:P

  2. The place looks beautiful...
    I still have all these wild life santuaries to cover.... :)
    I need to see the Royal Tiger....

  3. Roop: India has a knack of getting people sick when they visit. :) Hope you get well soon!
    Ajit: I need to yet see the Royal Tiger myself :)

  4. Athira, This is an interesting one. I am loving those pictures. I loves safaris.

    I have been to Ranthambhor National Park as part of my nature club long back in School.

    Also been to Dudhwa,Jim Corbett and Muthumalai.

    Got a chance to see Muthumalai again this time in June 2008 and was shocked to see only birds and some monkeys around. Too many jeep services have ruined the forest.


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